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    hey, anyone use killroids extended combat sim much? How does clecking the checkbox to the left of the targets lvl of the cats affect the out come
    cause when i check it or dont check it it vastly chages the result

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    I'm "fairly" certain that checkbox is for WW.

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    Yea, but why does it change the out come greatly into my favor. For example if its not checked i would only kill 20% of the def and move the building lvl from 20->18, Where if i check it i kill 80% of the def and the building goes from 20->0

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    hrm... well, WW villages don't get the morale bonus, so you *could* do more damage than you normally would, if you have a higher pop than the defending account... but that seems like a rather large difference between the two outcomes, and more than I would expect.

    I got nothin' else.

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    Yea, it is odd. Do natars get the moral bonus, and what pop do I use for it

    vs it checked

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    Everything uses morale bonus except wonder villages. If you didn't enter a pop for the Natars, but did enter one for yourself, the sim would be giving them max morale bonus which would be pretty huge (remember the morale bonus for defending against catapult damage is much higher than the one for combat). But when you check the box, kirilloid ignores the morale bonus since it is a wonder. That is why you see a big disparity.
    For natar pop they use only village pop for the the "captured" villages (ex player caps). Fairly sure they use their total pop for artifacts and plans though.
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    So would the pop be the thousands the total pop, or say 168 of the vila

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    I'm honestly not sure because they keep changing the rules in T4 (most recently ~2 months ago). But in T3 you always use their account population. Though again, that only matters for artifacts and plans, wonder villages never get a morale bonus.
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    S5-r3 Tyche (night shift) S7-r3 Chuckles (night shift)
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    So artifact plans and normal natar villas get moral bonus, but the wonder sites are moral bonus exempt.

    Now for the moral bonus does it use the 400k pop for the villas, in which case the bonus is just plain void or is it 10k ish for the amount of arty villas spawned or perhaps its just the pop of the villa?

    Each way greatly effects how I should proceed, anyone know where I can get the info

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    Chaoswolf this is completely unrelated to your topic but for the whole thread I saw your avatar as a moving duck like with its beak going out, but then as I was clicking out of the thread I saw the person and now I can't see the duck.

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