The following changed and bugfixes will be implemented in the coming weeks:

Graphics & Layout
- Opera: RTL Text at Coordinates input shifted - fixed
- Opera: Notebook layout broken - fixed
- IE6: RTL Manual and IGMs broken - fixed
- IE6: fixed some more layout problems
- RTL Treasury Tab to short - fixed
- Safari/Mac: wrong size of background image - fixed
- Safari: Farmlist breaks page layout - fixed
- line break in great stable - fixed
- layout error in link list - fixed
- corrected layout in reports
- Bounty symbol in correct place again
- link to occupied oasis correct again
- Layout in Scout reports correct, no line break
- added some more wonder of the world graphics

Hero & Auctions
- Layout Adventure reports fixed and head line correct

Reports & Reports
- Opera: delete reports now possible with ENTER too
- missing troop images in RTL fixed
- mark reports read with icon

Game Mechanics
- Fixed: not possible to gain reward for 2 quests at a time
- Fixed: Natars have too many troops in WW Villages

Plus, Support & Payment
- Tooltip in Menu of "instant complete" fixed
- PLUS FAQ opens in new window
- Error Messages at registration more prominent

Other stuff:
- Fixed: inverted comma shows unicode in village list
- Fixed: demolish building now checks if already a demolition is in progress
- Fixed: Stats: Climber of the week shows too many ranks
- Fixed: Wrong error message displayed if warehouse capacity too small
- new: Registration process refactored, for easier and faster registration