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Thread: T4 Update 'Mephisto'

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    Default T4 Update 'Mephisto'


    * Account deletion sometimes doesnít work: fixed
    * village name: village name can be longer than 20 characters, when renaming a village via the road sign (at the tree in dorf1.php): fixed
    * waiting time before you can delete your account after you bought gold: good will gold counts as bought gold: fixed


    * Internal ally overview: [news] also shows not ally internal news: fixed
    * Forum: Internal server error when sending a too long post. Text limit of 20000 characters per post implemented.


    * Faster troops: When sending troops before clicking "ok" last time, the shown travel time is not influenced by the artefact: fixed
    * Less crop consumption: Shall the crop artifact also work for reinforcement in oases? Yes. And it does, but the displayed consumption in rally point is wrong: fixed
    * warning message in natars profile when clicking artifact villages: fixed


    * If you bid the highest bid 1 second before the auction ends, then it happens that you donít win the auction: fixed


    * Old reports are not deleted: fixed
    * Attacker can see if the defending troops were reinforcement from other villages or not, if the tribe of defender and reinforcer is same (troops of same tribe are merged same way as in T3): fixed
    * Attacks on oases show "no evasion, because evasion is not active". Changed, now it shows "no evasion, because it's no capital".
    * Attacks to "unoccupied oasis" have the title attack to "abandoned valley": fixed
    * surviving and killed troops are both rounded same way, so there is one killed troop to much shown, if the loss is exactly X.5: fixed
    * subject is "[?]" instead of "unoccupied oasis", if you attack an unoccupied oasis during ceasefire: fixed
    * Trade between different alliances: Link to alliance always refers to your own alliance: fixed
    * Tooltip (MouseOver) of "Reinforcement in xxxx was attacked" shows "lost as attacker": fixed
    * XP-/Off-/Def points fit the report now


    * IGM Blacklisting can be tricked by BB-Tags: fixed
    * IGMs: Popup with the "bad word" is not shown in Opera: fixed

    Browser IE

    * Auction: When creating an auction the changed amount of items is ignored if you hit the return key instead of using the "ok" button: fixed
    * Browser IE: in forum posts the alliance is shown next to the hero instead of beneath the hero: fixed


    * Market: Trade route: trade routes run twice: fixed
    * Market: Link for resources: After you used the backspace key in any resource input field and then use the resource quick link, first click works fine but second click adds the maximal capacity of all merchants instead of one merchant: fixed
    * Market: sending resources: Umlauts are interpreted wrong, which causes that you might send resources to a different village: fixed
    * Rally point: When clicking "Show All" all troop movements disappear: fixed
    * Rally point: Counter for returning time of troops doesnít work: fixed
    * Rally point: Farm list: list order changes when editing the list: fixed
    * Rally point: Structure changed for optimizing. Details see below.


    * Tooltip (MouseOver) for level bar shows a negative amount of experience point needed for next level, if hero is level 99: fixed
    * Bandages: distribution on regenerated troops is sometimes wrong: fixed
    * Bandages: 0 bandages are used to regenerate 0 troops if use equipped the hero with 1 bandage: fixed
    * Helmet of the Gladiator: you can create culture points with this helmet in a village that is located in the natars zone: fixed
    * Scrolls and Artworks: Infobox for using an item appears when you move this items within your inventory: fixed

    Fight system

    * Cranny capacity is not recalculated when conquering a village from a bigger player (e.g. a Gaul conquers a village from Natars): fixed


    * defect image files are not recognized and regenerated automatically: fixed


    * Auctions: When you open the auctions page the tab "bid" is not marked as active: fixed
    * Support form: answers icon (that question mark) is misplaced: fixed
    * Text: "Occupied oasis" is written wrong in some places (with a capital letter or with a small letter): fixed


    * Gloria Medal is not shown if another player looks in your profile: fixed


    * Small Natars villages are not built up correctly. Warehouse/granary capacity is ignored: fixed
    * Production is not recalculated instantly when a village becomes a small Natars village: fixed
    * Natar troop building corrected and adjusted


    * Nature troops are not shown in dorf1.php if there are no other troops supplied by this village: fixed


    * return key doesnít work: fixed
    * Task 3: When solving the quest the construction times in building queue are not recalculated correctly, if you start the construction of the rally point and then also start to build/upgrade something: fixed

    Rule protection

    * Sitter : Auctions : sit player canít see the auctions of his sitter even when he already kicked this Sitter: fixed

    The new rally point:

    Troops in rally point are filtered by category. There are following filters:

    1. Unfiltered
    All troops are shown as before the change. But there are only 10 troop lines per category shown. If more than 10 troop lines in one category are used, then the link "show all" is shown. Clicking this link activates the corresponding filter.
    2. Incoming troops
    All incoming troops are shown.
    3. Troops in this village
    All troops which are located in this village are shown ordered by player and village. Those troops are:
    - own and reinforcing troops located in this village
    - foreign troops that are trapped in this village
    - reinforcement in oases that belongs to this village
    4. Outgoing troops
    All outgoing troops are shown.
    5. Troops in other villages
    All troops which were trained in this village and which are currently located somewhere else. Those troops are:
    - own troops in other villages
    - own troops in oases of this village
    - own troops in oases of other villages
    - own troops trapped in other villages

    When a filter is active there are up to 10 troop lines shown. If there are more than 10 troop lines needed in one category then a paginator is shown, that allows you to switch to the other troop lines.

    The buttons "free", "release", "draw back" and "kill" are changed into links again to make it easier to open those sites in a new tab. Players asked for that.

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    All our Travian 4 Servers have now been updated to this release. Please note an important change with this release, there is a limit of 10,000 outgoing troop movements per account.


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