Changelog Rauschhuber

Graphic & Layout

  • Medal awards of the qualification servers can now be seen by other players too

Hero & Auctions

  • Fixed: Villages in the Natarian area (grey zone) produced a small amount of culture points

Reports & Troops

  • Fixed: Incorrect display of the return time of troops from players with a "speed" artifact
  • Corrected: Reinforcements and own troops defending a village are now separated even if the reinforcing player has the same tribe as the defender
  • Trade report: Clicking on the alliance name of the recipient now leads tot he alliance oft he recipient
  • Fixed: Naming of an oasis could differ between reports and the rally point
  • Fixed: During an official cease fire (peace time), a [?] was shown in reports instead of the name and link of the oasis

Game mechanics

  • The "crop"-artifact will now affect reinforcements of oases connected to the village too


  • Maximum length for village names
  • Fixed: Some problems with the Internet Explorer (versions 7 and higher) when using the “Enter” key
  • Fixed: Auto reload in the rally point made the full list of outgoing and incoming troops to collapse
  • Fixed: Wrong mouse over display for heroes of level 99 and higher
  • Removed popup trigger when a player moves scrolls within the inventory
  • Fixed: Gaul’s chiefing a village with a cranny did not receive their bonus on that building (higher capacity)
  • Fixed: Display of remaining building time while doing task 3 shows wrong duration
  • Fixed: "Raid list" changes its sorting if a player adds or removes a village from the list
  • Rounding error fixed: It could happen that a player gained more points in the offensive/defensive statistics then he should have gained according to the report