graphics and layout

  • Fixed error that BB codes were sometimes not correctly cast as links
  • Safari, Chrome: fixed some layout bugs with hero

Hero and auctions

  • Fixed: using scrolls did sometimes not yield experience points

reports and troops

  • Fixed text in barracks occasionally missing
  • Fixed: sorting order of farm list was ignored when sending troops


  • Fixed several warnings when administrating alliance forum
  • Fixed error message in alliance profile
  • Fixed bug with rights management in alliance forum


  • Fixed: negative merchant count was displayed after reduction of market place
  • Oases start with empty storage at start of game
  • Fixed resource spread of some Natar villages all zero, especially WW villages
  • Fixed production and stored resources were not recalculated immediately after changing a player to a Natar village.
  • Fixed “finish construction” of rally point by taskmaster was not applied on queued building order

Plus, support & payment

  • Fixed gold transfer link was sent twice
  • Added error message if payment server is not accessible for technical reasons
  • Combat simulator now correctly enters account instead of village’s population when called from a combat report


  • Several measures to improve performance
    • Fixed: calculating population statistics took too long
    • Fixed: block caused by accumulated background tasks after server failure
    • Fixed: occasional block when loading the map
    • Optimized map performance
    • Fixed several scripting errors
    • Fixed cache issues
    • Distributed cron jobs of parallel game worlds
    • Improved bot detection to reduce server load
  • Fixed: invalid password after account activation
  • Fixed error message when calling artefact villages from the Natar’s profile
  • Disabled some entries that caused a village name link to not work properly
  • Fixed English warning message in town hall wrong when storage is too small for a celebration
  • Fixed BB codes with capitals were not replaced properly