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Thread: Marmot Man's guide to the Unorthodox End Game Ram Hammer

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    Default Marmot Man's guide to the Unorthodox End Game Ram Hammer

    1) Introduction

    Hello! The following guide is to showcase a different route to building an End Game ram hammer. While it will not be for everyone, I will give a basic outline on what to do, while also noting areas where those with more resources than the average player has can improve upon the template provided. The directions I will provide are from personal experience in a server long experiment.

    Why a ram hammer? While not as glorious for End Game purposes as a horde of catapults knocking off levels from a World Wonder, the ram hammer allows those who come behind it to do their jobs much more effectively. Even a Teutonic Earth Wall, the tribe with the lowest defense bonus for a wall, is still almost a fifty percent bonus to the troops stationed at the World Wonder village. And when you are dealing with hundred of thousands, and very often millions, of troops stationed in defense, that bonus can be huge. A ram hammer that can knock down the wall in essence can get rid of a third of the defense stationed, allowing for the hammers that follow to be that much more effective.

    Who is this guide for? This guide assumes that you have some experience in playing Travian. Beginners will be better suited searching in the guide section for one of the many well written treatises to help them learn the ropes of this fine game. Also, for you to be successful, it will be assumed that you are at least a semi-active player (log on at least twice a day for at least half an hour) and also use gold (240 gold a month for a starting point once you get several villages going).

    The goal: To build out of your capital a hammer of rams, and ONLY rams. There are several advantages to skip building the usual escort. Since we will be building only siege, you wonít be losing the benefits of the Great Barracks and Great Stable that canít be built in a capital. Also, since you wonít have to move it elsewhere to park it, there will be no hassle of constantly shipping wheat to keep it fed. If you use Gold Club, you can also make use of the auto-dodge feature to keep your hammer safe from attacks while you are asleep or otherwise not online. Finally, with the hammer being built in the capital, losing your force by having the village being chiefed isnít ever a worry.

    2) Starting Out

    Tribe: When I was doing my experiment, I was playing as a Gaul, the tribe with the weakest ram in terms of attack power. So, any tribe that you want to play will work for this guide. If you are looking for the most powerful rams I would recommend Teutons. Their rams not only have the highest attack power, you can also gain an extra 10% boost with a Brewery.

    Capital: Your second village should be your capital, and you should be trying for a 15 cropper with at the minimum of 100% bonus to wheat from oases. Of course, if you can grab a better spot do so, but you will need at least 100% in order to avoid having to jump through extra hoops for feeding the hammer you will be building.

    During first couple of months, your goals will be the same as almost everybody else. Surviving any aggressive players that arenít in your alliance, settling a second village as soon as you can, and of course having fun. On top of getting your capital fields built up as high as fast as you can, you will want to try to get a Siege Workshop built up and producing rams. I myself am not a top tier player, and was able to have rams being produced 24/7 by the end of the fourth month, so if you need a Ďdo or dieí date, make that it.

    Decoy Hammer Village: Since the standard method of building hammers is to train the troops in an village adjacent to the capital, I would suggest building such a Ďdecoyí village. Iím not saying that you simply make a hollow shell of a village, mind you. You will need some sort of army to clear out the oases for your capital and feeders if nothing else, and being able to send fakes from it down the line will help reinforce to opponents that, should they wish to take out your hammer by chiefing, they will want to target the decoy village.

    3) Mid Game

    Artifacts: While there are several artifacts that would help out, most notably the ones that reduce troop training time, I would like to emphasize that in no way is it mandatory to use artifacts. In my test run, I never had use of an artifact that would have helped make my ram hammer better. Will they help, and make the end result even better? Of course! Should you gain access to an artifact that will help you out, through your own strength or you alliance mates, by all means take advantage of it. But donít feel that your efforts will be a waste if you do not ever get the benefit of any artifacts either.

    Your Hero: While you are busy trying to create a forest worth of rams, donít neglect leveling up your hero. By the time End Game comes around and you need to launch, you will want to have your hero with a +20% Offense bonus. This can be easily enough achieved through just attacking nearby oases if you find yourself without any easy player targets to harvest easy kills from.

    Your Capital: You will want to get all your wheat fields up to level 18. While higher can be done with artifacts, with the gold bonus to wheat production you will with only 100% oasis bonus still be able to feed over 65,000 wheat worth of troops. Also, you will need to build a blacksmith to give your rams the maximum attack bonus. When you are done building up your fields, tear down some warehouses to increase your granary space. You never know when the unwanted Real Life disaster is going to strike, so the larger the granary capacity, the less youíll lose to overflow should you miss a regular playing session.

    4) The Pay Off

    What you should have: By the time End Game has gotten well under way and it comes time to use your force to damage an opposing World Wonder, you should have at least 20,000 Rams ready to go. Add a hero, wait for instructions from leadership (or if you are leadership, choose a target) and make sure you arenít late for the launch! As long as you arenít trying to land directly after a Natar attack against the Wonder, I would even suggest erring on the side of being early by a second or two for the time being given to land at. Since gold can not be spent to insta-build at the World Wonder, you donít have to worry about the wall being rebuilt in the time between you landing and the hammers that follow behind, and you never know when the server is going to throw a lag bubble at you.

    What you can expect: While the defense of every Wonder is different, here are the results from what I did in my test run.

    (This will be edited to show the complete BR once the current round is done and the full BRs are released.)

    Why this madness works: It all comes down to abusing the way that rams do damage to the wall. There is a complex formula used to determine what the final level of the wall is, and that can be found here:
    To overly simplify it, rams strike twice, once before the battle begins, and then in the battle itself. The wall gets lowered by an average of the damage done, so if you can do enough damage with the first strike, it doesnít matter how few troops you are actually able to kill with your rams. I myself gained barely over 10,000 attacker points in the battle listed above, a very small percentage of the troops youíll find at your average Wonder. And still, what I did was enough to lower the defense bonus of the wall from +48% down to +10%.

    I hope that you found this guide to be illuminating, or at the least amusing. If you see any typos or errors, or have any questions or ideas, please post them in a reply, or send them to me directly in a PM. Thanks for your time!

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    As I've always come to expect from you, MM. Very nice.
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    This should be stickied on .com!

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    Short simple and to the point.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Erik View Post
    This should be stickied on .com!
    It should be stickied everywhere.
    And if he'd been playing tuetons with the 10% bonus and 30% stronger rams, he'd have blown the wall completely away - with is scary considering his clear was nothing.

    I wonder if this guide gets followed enough if they'll change the way rams work...
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    I'll be curious to see the standing defense in the WW village during this hit. Kinda interesting to see how much damage an unescorted ram hammer can do. I was trained in the methodology of always providing an escort for your ram/cat hammer.
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    The defense was... limited. s4 has a very small population and to wit, very small WW defenses. This was a major factor in the success of this method. On a server with serious WW defenses, then yes, you still will want an escort. Since the more troops you can kill, the more rams that fire, and the more damage you can do to the wall.

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    I feel like either I am missing something or everyone else who thinks this is amazing is missing something.

    The oversimplified version of how rams work is: the game calculates how many troops would survive if the attack was sent as a raid. Half of whatever troops survive in this calculation then fire before the actual attack takes place and the other half fire after the actual attack, if they survive.

    So with that said, clearly more troops in your ram hammer, either rams or escorts, will increase the wall damage... or less defense in the WW.

    There are many things you can do to make a ram-hammer less effective... having no escort would be very high on that list. Will this work on a poorly defended WW? Yes, without a doubt. Escorts would work even better. If a ram-only hammer can fully destroy a WW wall on it's own, I find it very hard to believe that WW was ever worth attacking in the first place.

    Maybe slow servers only have poorly defended WW's but that is not the case for winning WW's on speed servers. I know if you try smashing 25,000 unescorted rams into a WW with over 3 million+ defense, you will be lucky to knock off more than 1 level on the wall. You will do so much more damage with even a small escort compared to no escort. Sometimes, things worth doing are worth doing right.

    So to me, this guide is basically a guide on how to sell yourself short on a ram-hammer. If this type of thing is what equals success on slow servers, it just goes to show how obvious it is that slow servers are the minor league of travian.
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    Erbal, it is nothing to do with slow servers, everything to do with tiny population servers. On us4 there are only 1083 active players right now. A single player can be a top 35 alliance no problem.

    In this case the alliance on defense holds 8 WW's and has 318 players to defend them. It is a shortened server so this is 2 months earlier than normal on top of it all... yeah, defenses are pathetic by any normal standard.

    [edit]And a note to the people who actually think that sending 22k rams solo is a "Good Idea". If there had been 17,373 swordsmen added to that attack (roughly the equivalent amount of attack power), then it would have been about twice as effective. So if you are willing to spend about 43 million in resources, then it will behoove you to spend another 9.5 million to double your power.
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    Quick tests on a battle sim show there would have to only be between 600k and 700k wheat worth of defense in the wonder to get that report. You'd have to be insane to build for 6 months hoping to find a wonder that weak in endgame. But of course, the stars aligned properly and he DID find one. And I have to admit, that's an awesome looking BR. Forum posts and BRs are the only things that last from one round to the next, so I'd say it paid off.

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