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Thread: Guide: How to Build a World Wonder

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    Exclamation Guide: How to Build a World Wonder

    World Wonder Build Plan

    With my 1,000th post I wanted to give back to the Travian community that has given me so much, friends, fun and hours of endless entertainment. I was amazed there were no guides to building a WW not even in the Complete Guide to End Game. It really is the most important aspect of the game and is often horribly messed up by the individual(s) managing the WW. I’ve seen top 10 alliances with an inexperienced officer core build up their World Wonders to high levels only to find they did not have enough warehouse or granary space, have to tear down, rebuild it and lose because of their wasted time. There for I’ve broken this down into its basic form. I will not cover information that has already been covered in the Complete Guide to End Game (ex. Plans) therefore you should consult that guide in addition to this one. Now, lets focus on the actual World Wonder.

    Here are the simple facts:
    • WW Level 100 requires one million wood, one million clay, one million iron and 193,630 wheat. Thus you will need the warehouse and granary space to save up for this final level.
    • Level 1 through 100 require a total cost of 34,153,600 wood 35, 321,675 clay 36,853,455 iron and 6,754,780 wheat. Combined that’s over 100 million resources that will need to be pushed to the World Wonder.
    • Time. Not including the time you spend building infrastructure (Great Warehouses, Great Granaries, etc) the actual WW levels will take 948:17:50 (Main Building Level 8) 914:08:40 (Main Building Level 9) 881:14:40 (Main Building Level 10) 849:31:20 (Main Building Level 11) and 818:57:20 (Main Building Level 12). The later one is 34 days assuming all builds are consecutive.
    • Attacks. Your WW will be attacked, likely by hammers consuming a hundred thousand in wheat or more, your Main Building will be destroyed, your WW levels knocked down and your infrastructure destroyed. With these other factors in play it could realistically take two months to build your WW.

    This is an ENORMOUS investment. No NPCing. No Golding Up buildings. Over 100 million resources. Over two months of building. Daunting isn’t it? In addition to this you need to be able to feed the several million defenders you will likely have at the WW.

    Tropps eat half at the WW.
    The above garrison is 3 million troops.

    No individual account can do this. This will be a team effort requiring coordination from a full alliance and constant attention.


    Here’s a basic step by step guide:
    1. FIND PEOPLE YOU TRUST. Every round it seems someone where, some how betrays someone else. The last thing you want is a spy on your WW team or your WW account holder defecting to another alliance because a) he was their friend all along or b) because you two have a personality conflict. Designate people you trust to take them and then take them.
    2. FIND PEOPLE WHO HAVE TIME. At midnight when WW level 98 finishes you do not want to wait until 8:00 AM when you arrive back at the office to click the level 99 button. That’s eight lost hours. I have been on four World Wonders, three of the four came in second place by hours. Over two months every minute you waste adds up to be hours in the end.
    3. In identifying a holder pay attention to their tribe. I prefer Teuton. Its explained more fully in the Complete Guide to End Game. I’d rather have a Roman or Gaul who I trusted than a Teuton I didn’t.
    4. Build a WW team. Have some expendable accounts? Delete them and put the players on the WW. Have friends from other servers you can trust? Have them come over. Take the two most trust worthy super active accounts not holding a WW you have and have them sit the WW. My WW teams have consisted of three people, 8 people, 8 people and 9 people. Constant 24/7 coverage is ideal.
    5. As you approach end game all players should stop settling villages and save the Culture Points up to drop AT LEAST two villages with in proximity to their WW.
    6. All of the above should be taken care of ahead of before the Natars spawn.
    7. When the World Wonders spawn villages should be settled around the WW immediately. Active players willing to gold up their villages should get the closest proximity to the WW.
    8. The WW team (the holding account and both sitters) should settle multiple caches around the WW. 2 villages each this should be 6 villages. The cache principle is something I came up with years ago and my principle involves hording resources at these locations to get the WW through the hard times. The WW holder should have two sitters, s/he should sit both sitters and each sitter should sit one another. In this manner all three have access to the cache villages and when resources (wheat in particular) are in emergency demand they can be pushed from these villages using a high level Trade Office and marketplace.

    9. Launch an attempt to chief your WW as soon as they are removed from ban. There is no residence and no palace. You may wish to stack smaller hammers ahead of a larger hammer in order to preserve it for later.

    10. Send reinforcements to land after your chief attempt. Do not wait for ownership.
    11. Begin shipping in wheat in many small loads. You will have a small granary capacity and should have alot of troops. Starvation will happen. You should let them cannibalize each other in order to insure this WW does not fall into enemy hands.
    12. Build a level 1 residence to get loyalty up, then get your wall up followed by granaries and your basic warehouses. Build all level one, then all level two, then all level 3, repeat this process. This benefits you by preserving build time. If you build a level 20 before starting your next Warehouse/Granary and it gets destroyed you’re in a world of hurt. If you have five going at a time you’ll take less of hit and the individual build times are shorter (I.e. level 6 to 7, then level 6 to 7, compared with 18 to 19). In this manner all three of my US2R3 World Wonders were building infrastructure faster than our enemies.
    13. If you have a build ending in the middle of the night make sure someone is there to que the next build or in a worst case scenario set an alarm to wake up and do it your self. You can lose a lot of hours of build time letting stuff sit idle over night.
    14. MOST IMPORTANT. The reason I wrote this guide, have a build plan so you know what you are building and that you have every thing you need. A Great Warehouse will provide you with 240,000 storage. You can get to your 1 million a multiple ways:

      • One level 20 great warehouse (240,000), three level 19 great warehouses (597,600) , one level 18 great warehouse (165,300).
      • One level 20 great warehouse (240,000), three level 19 great warehouses (597,600) and two standard warehouses (160,000).
      • Three level 20 great warehouses (720,000), three level 20 standard warehouses (240,000) and one level 17 standard warehouse (45,700)

      There are many other possibilities, just as many combinations of granary and great granary and combined dozens of variations you can use to build your World Wonder. You should do the math your self (thus why I did not include Granary combinations), compare estimated build times and try to come up with your model. For the sake of this post however I will provide you with plans for WW that I have used.

      • FIVE Great Warehouses
      • FOUR Great Granaries
      • Two Warehouses
      • Two Granaries
      • One marketplace
      • One Mainbuilding

      Please note we tore down the residence for a build space, also note in comparing the before and after pictures that the earlier picture had a great warehouse at the top and in the later picture its gone. It was destroyed by enemy action. In the end we finished with four great warehouses and two standard warehouses in addition to two great granaries and two standard granaries.

    In the end though it doesn’t matter how fast you can get to 100, it matters who can throw the last punch.
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    Nice guide, I've always been curious about the infrastructure of a WW, seeing as I've never been on one.

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    Nice guide
    I am too old to live,too young to die.

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    Good Job LB.

    It is nice for those who haven't been on a WW to actually see what is inside and to help give some general information.

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    Those two buildings behind the wonder must be a pain in the butt

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    Thank you everyone.

    Quote Originally Posted by Bullfrog245 View Post
    Those two buildings behind the wonder must be a pain in the butt
    Nice you say that. You can click them but might want that to be something you're not clicking often (basic granary, basic warehouse) as opposed to something you click often (i.e. marketplace).

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    Thank you for this guide.Perhaps i will built a World Wonder in the future.

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    Very good job
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    Overall a nice guide.
    Good information here.

    A few thoughts:

    Quote Originally Posted by Lord Bane View Post
    [*]Time. Not including the time you spend building infrastructure (Great Warehouses, Great Granaries, etc) the actual WW levels will take 948:17:50 (Main Building Level 8) 914:08:40 (Main Building Level 9) 881:14:40 (Main Building Level 10) 849:31:20 (Main Building Level 11) and 818:57:20 (Main Building Level 12). The later one is 34 days assuming all builds are consecutive.
    Why wouldn't you get the MB to 20? You can take nearly 9 days off of that 34... not to mention the time you can take off the various GG, GWh, G, Wh.
    The extra 8 levels don't take all that much time to build, and pay for themselves in the long run. You say every second counts, but you're adding days to your build...

    Also, I know you had 3M in troops there, but why on earth do you have Imps, Maces, Swords, Axes and TTs guarding the WW? By my quick count you have ~70k wheat in utterly useless troops and I'm not even counting the 75k for the EI, the 130k for the EC or the 20k for the TKs. At least those are adequate defenders (awful per wheat, tho). (And the chiefs, rams and cats all need to go as well, but their wheat-impact was too small to notice.) Taken together you had nearly 300k worth of useless defenders out of your ~3M. That's about 10% of your total upkeep.
    Just saying.

    Quote Originally Posted by Bullfrog245 View Post
    Those two buildings behind the wonder must be a pain in the butt
    Worst case scenario you go to a different town, click on the building in that space, then switch views to the WW. Pain in the ****, yeah, but doable.
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    Because those troops in a WW eat 1/2 wheat... I've seen several who send troops to the WW waiting to send off on their mission.

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