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Thread: General guide to Travian

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    Quote Originally Posted by JOHNSON1 View Post
    Thanks for the nice help and information.....I am new here and i got much knowledge after reading your post
    Don't quote the whole thing next time, please.
    I don't want to hit page down 7 times just to see "thanks".

    edit: pardon, 9 times.
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    Decent effort on a very basic guide. (Also, only a mod can put threads into the guide section. That way some really awful ones are not put there.)

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    Quote Originally Posted by MokMonster View Post
    Don't quote the whole thing next time, please.
    Though I noticed thanks to his quoting that indeed Paladins are still erroneously listed as viable hammer units, despite the original poster's claim that he had fixed it. I just assumed he actually fixed it and didn't reread it until my eyes caught that as I scrolled past the quote.

    It's not a horrible generic summary guide to the game. It could use some formatting to make it more readable, and there's little errors here and there. Mostly a passable guide to explain the basics to newbies, which seems to be the intent.

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