Dear Players,

We are happy to inform you that Travian Games is currently developing Travian 4.
Travian 4 will include new art design, some new gameplay features and minor adjustments of the current balancing.

Our schedules for developing Travian 4 are finished. We want to release a stable Travian 4 version in spring-time 2011!

Here a small example of the new style:

On the left side you see the old Travian Academy design, on the right hand you see the new Travian 4 art design in different sizes.

We also want to announce that we will setup a developers blog in early August. There we want to share all news and progress of the Travian 4 development. Once the blog is ready we will announce where to find it.

I have set up a discussion thread here for you to speculate and discuss the information given, but unfortunately I won't be able to answer your questions about it (all information I have is already written here).

Best Regards

Your Travian Team