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Thread: Erik's Efficient Sim Guide to Villa 2

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    Quote Originally Posted by BLAH View Post
    Stop using the term trade when the term "using gold + a marketplace to conjure resources out of thin air" is much longer more descriptive and accurate/
    haha thats funny that you would expect people to replace one word "trade" with that ridiculous sentence. but what you are saying isnt even true, i upgraded the wheat fields first, giving me an excess of wheat, which i then traded for the other 3 resources as i needed them. i only needed to use the npc a few times when i was building my settlers.

    i understand the guide is meant for the lowest common denominator but i usually am a heavy raider and i wanted to try something new, i always try to grow as fast as possible so i just applied that to simming, it was pretty fun.

    Quote Originally Posted by Wren View Post
    The guide is written without use of raids OR trading for profit, so that's why you had more to play with.
    thats not true, from the original guide

    Quote Originally Posted by Erik View Post
    If you intend to sim as a Roman or Teuton it will play much the same except you will get less profits from the marketplace
    also i didnt raid at all. and the 15k i got from the marketplace didnt even come close to paying for all the level 8 fields i had, thats less resources than what 2 level 8 fields cost.
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    Yah getting extra resources early compounds though which is why you got more out of your trades and savings than immediately apparent.

    And going all wheat then wood then clay then iron will save you if you wanna burn more gold on the NPC. I went with organic field growth to minimize gold use tho.

    There is plenty of room to optimize just most of it comes at expense of gold, luck, and activity.

    I am happy to hear folks using the guide and enjoying some success with it. *Especially* if you adapt it to your own play style and preferences.


    I think what Wren refers to is that while I presume folks may try trading for profit, the calculations on the spreadsheet assume no trades for profit.
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    I followed this guide to test out on s6 about a month back, it was just about right on tee. Now I'm trying it on s7 (first T4 server) and wow the sim process has really sped up.

    After the first day on s7 (T4) I was working on Day 4 items on this guide (except the crannies, gonna wait till just before the 72 hour mark to start building those).

    Now as the second day comes to a close on s7, I'm working on Day 7 items on this guide.

    I activated the 25% resources bonus' right away, have NPC'ed twice, no trades yet, and have the hero resource bonus set to all four (and I allocated all new hero xp into resource bonus so 24 bonus on each res)

    Gonna be interesting to see how quickly you can get to village two with just strictly simming. My last adventure though gave me 3 phalanx so I'm very tempted to start raiding an already cleared out oasis pretty close to me. Decisions decisions...

    Nice guide, deserves a sticky.

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    Quote Originally Posted by LoafPincher View Post
    (and I allocated all new hero xp into resource bonus so 24 bonus on each res)
    From Hero Level 2 on you should start putting at least 1 point in strength for your hero per level, otherwise the adventures will start killing him faster than he can regenerate (even if you get snazzy items). Losing out on the resource bonus sucks, but its worth it unless you want to spend gold/silver on the auctionhouse buying ointments.

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