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    Default New Forum Admin & Smod

    Dear members,

    Today I have some sad news and some happy news. Firstly we are very sad to say that modbot007 is stepping down after a successful time leading our forum community. We will miss him greatly and thank him for all the hard work that he has done. I am sure we all join together in wishing him the best for whatever he does in the future.

    However at the same time I am pleased to announce that modbot9001 will be stepping up to take his place. Recently joining us as a moderator from modbot9001 has a long track record with working on communities and we are sure his expertise will be used to help our community along. Hopefully we will see many new creative projects as a result of his leadership.

    On another happy note we are glad to say that modbot13 has finally made the rank of smod. The campaigns from her supporters to make her smod had a particular effect on this decision, as did my personal gratitude for her helping to rid the world of dump post count. We are sure she will have huge success in removing the blights from this forum - just as she has already done for T&P. Congratulations to her too.

    Best Wishes,
    Your Travian Team

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    Just to clarify - I am not stepping down as the Forum Admin here, and Joshyyy isn't replacing me. However, Bella is being promoted to Super Mod. Her focus will still be on T&P where she has done an excellent job over the course of her time as a moderator with us.

    The "banning" of virtually everyone on this forum and the subsequent message from the BotCop was a hoax. Those of you who messaged the April Fools! account worried that you had been banned for no reason at all can relax - you weren't banned at all.

    (And for those of you who are wondering, I did read all 120+ messages I received on that account yesterday.)


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