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Thread: Travian Dictionary Project

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    Default Travian Dictionary Project

    Important: The TDP is now being moved to an external site. Please simply post new additions here, and someone will put them into the dictionary.

    The Travian Dictionary Project

    1. Introduction
    2. Features
    3. Submissions
    4. List of Contributors

    1. Introduction
    Travian is a fairly popular war game. Over its history, its players have developed many different terms to reference in-game happenings and phenomena. It began as simply slang and abbreviations, but has developed into a lingo of its own. I'm sure a linguist would be fascinated by this development.

    Many times, a new player comes and has no idea what is going on. They don't know what a hammer is, or what it means when someone calls them a farm. Thus, for the benefit of new players, I am attempting to compile this glorified list, or as I like to call it, dictionary, of Travian terms in the hopes of helping new people become immersed in this fun game.


    2. Features
    The entries in this dictionary are arranged by alphabetical order, to the best of my ability. Also given are other ways something is referred to, eg. wheatkill can be called croplock, wheatlock, cropkill or whatever. It also gives a brief description of what each term means. Some terms, such as the names of ingame buildings or troops, are pretty obvious; on the other hand, colloquial terms such as "zero" and "bubble" may be more difficult to figure out.

    This dictionary comes with a built-in search and find option. Simply hit "CTRL + F" and type in the term or abbreviation you're looking for.

    3. Submissions
    If you have a term or a correction, here or message to one of the editor people.

    4. List of Contributors
    List of Contributors
    G4. List of Contributors
    Co-editor: Jekyll&Hyde Got the ball rolling...
    Co-editor: Zerth; Ran with it... and fell asleep. And let J&H do all the work again.

    Oh yeah, if you want to help out, please feel free to contact J&H.

    --Corrected: NPC Merchant
    --Harping: Natars
    Sir Samuel:
    --Added: Battlegroup, Reinforcements
    --Corrected: Aggro, Simmer
    --Various other suggestions
    --Added: PropEganda, In-game message
    --Added: Mass Message, Cranny Dip, Spawn
    --Corrected: Aggro, Bubble, Clear, Cropper, Meta, Waves
    --Added: Multi, HDP, Dualbuild, Support
    --Corrected minor grammatical mistakes
    Smiling Gekco:
    --Added: Forum, Vassal
    --Added: Capital, Spike, Suicide, Suicide Hammer, Torus
    --Cleaned up some definitions
    --Added: Bug, Lag
    --Added: 13x13
    --Added: Secret Confed, Merger
    Krvavi barun:
    --Corrected: Chiefs (Admin)
    King Turtle 39:
    --Added: Inner Circle
    --Added: Farm Alliance
    --Corrected: Perfect Cropper
    --Added: 2 popper
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    Anvil: A large amount of defensive troops. A play style with emphasis on defensive action.

    Aggro: A alliance whose goal is not to build a WW, but to **** of other people.

    Artifact: A special item stored in the treasury that grants bonuses to its holder.

    Axeman (aka axes): The Teuton’s “strong infantry”.

    Battlegroup (aka BG): A sub-unit formed within an alliance to make the management of various offensive/defensive operations easier.

    Beginner’s Protection (aka BP): A short grace period where no one can attack a new player.

    Ban/Banned/Perma Ban: Punishment imposed by Mods/MH for rules violations. When banned, a player cannot interact with the game, e.g. build stuff or attack/be attacked. Lifting of a ban is usually accompanied by loss of resources, population or troops.

    Boonies: The area of the Quad not within 100 tiles of a Quadline.

    Boonie Simmer: A player who immediately moves far out to avoid attacks. May simply build lots of villages and population, or may be building a WW hammer.

    Board(s): Forums, either for Travian, or those privately managed by an alliance on an external website.

    Bot/Script: An illegal application that plays the game for you.

    Bonus: The bonus given to base resource production of a village by the oases conquered from the village.

    Bubble (aka stacked defense): A large amount of defensive reinforcements in one village.

    Bug: Any game feature that is not working as it is supposed to be. Can sometimes be exploited, which is against the rules.

    Capital: A special village that each player is allowed to have only 1 of. Fields in this village are allowed to exceed the normal limit of level 10 at a high cost, and certain building structures are only allowed in capitals while others are not allowed in capitals. A capital can never be conquered. Your spawn is set as your default capital, but can be moved by building a palace.

    Cat: The act of catapulting.

    Catapults(Cats/Catas): Destroy buildings. Counts as infantry units.

    Chiefs: (tribe specific: senators, chief, chieftain). Used to conquer enemy villages by reducing loyalty. To reduce loyalty, there must be no residence/palace and the chief must survive. Also known as Administrator (or just admin) units.

    Chiefing: The act of conquering an enemy village by using a chief to lower its loyalty to zero. Chiefing a village belonging to a player with a smaller total population will result in the reduction of every building and field by one level.

    Clear: When a village’s defenses are totally killed off by an offensive army. The offense army that does this is also known by this term.

    Climber: A player who manages to be one of the top climbers of the week. Typically a player can only achieve this once.

    Cluster: A number of villages close to each other owned by the same player or alliance.

    Confed (Confederation): An official relationship, indicating that the alliances are allied. Friendly-fire rules apply.

    Construction Plans (Plans): An artifact that is required to build a World Wonder. A builder needs a set to build to 50, then needs another alliance member with a set to build past that.

    Coordinates (aka co-ords): the X|Y location of something.

    CP (Culture Points): A quasi-resource generated by all buildings that allow for the settlement of additional villages. Once certain amounts are accumulated, new villages can be founded.

    Cranny Dip: The Teutons' advantage of being able to steal 1/5 of the resources usually covered by crannies.

    Cropper: A villages with many crop fields. Can have 15(15c) or 9(9c) crop fields.

    Croplock (aka wheatkill, wheatlock): When a village’s crop fields, granary, marketplace and main building are
    destroyed so it cannot be built any further due to negative wheat from population or without outside

    Deletion: When a person quits Travian and wipes their account from the face of the Travian world. Taken 72 hours to happen, and can be canceled within the first 24 hours of that period. Can do done instantaneously at the MH's discretion.

    Doubleshot: When a catapult wave has two targets. Requires rally point level 20. The term is a misnomer, as each catapult only fires once, doubletarget would be more accurate.

    Druidriders: (aka DR, druids). Gallic cavalry. Fast, strong infantry defense.

    Dual: An account with more than one person playing to lessen the time individuals must spend on it.

    Dualbuild: An ability only possessed by Romans that lets them build one building in the Village Center and the Village Overview(field) at the same time.

    Equites Caesaris: (aka EC). Roman heavy cavalry. Strongest unit in the game.

    Equites Imperiatoris: (aka EI). Roman light cavalry. Fast, strong and good raider.

    Endgame: The game period after the Natar Plan villages are spawned in which the WW race occurs.

    Endgame Hammer: A massive Hammer used to secure a WW Build Site, or WW Plans.

    Endgame Meta: Usually a collection of alliances which come together during endgame to support a common set of WW in order to increase their chances of winning.

    Epic: Something very good, the opposite of Fail/fial

    EST (aka Eastern Standard Time): the default timezone the server is set in.

    Expansion Slot: The spaces in a Residence/Palace from which settlers and Administrator units can be generated.

    Fail (aka fial): The utter lack of success.

    Fake: An attack by a single unit used to confuse or scare an enemy player.
    1. Leading/Trailing Fakes: A tactic of sending single fake catapult attack waves ahead or behind of a set of real catapult attack waves in order to confuse enemies from sending their Snipes to land before your clear instead of afterwards.

    Farm: A weak player who has his resources taken from him on a regular basis.

    Farm Alliance: A (usually) low ranked alliance whose members are mostly farms.

    Farmer: A raider who steals other people’s resources.

    Feeder: A village that produces resources and sends them to be used in another village.

    Fighter: Shorthand for Fighter1405, the admin of

    Forum: Public and private message system, Travian has one for common use. Many alliances have their own, either in game or hosted on a 3rd party site(much like this is).

    Gaul: One of the three Travian tribes

    Ghost hammer: A large amount of Theuates Thunder used to quickly take down small pockets of

    Golding: Using gold to increase resource production, or auto complete builds

    Gold Abuse: Using gold in an excessive manner.

    Guide: A guide written to explain some aspect of Travian, such as how to play a tribe offensively or defensively. The TDP can be considered a guide to terms used in Travian.

    Haeudan (aka Haeds): The Gallic heavy cavalry. Good cavalry defense.

    Hammer: A large offensive army

    Hammer Village: The village where the hammer is produced.

    HDP: The Horse Drinking Pool, a building that may only be built by Romans that lowers cavalry build time, and wheat consumption for cavalry.

    Hero: A special powerful unit with its own stats. Can grant bonuses to other troops.

    Hero food: Units that die easily and give your hero experience.

    Hero’s Mansion (aka HM): Used to train a hero and allows hero to conquer oases.

    Hugglefest: When everyone in a quad (or two or three) decide to confed or NAP and war no longer happens. This seriously contradicts the purpose of a war game.

    Imperians (aka Imps): Roman heavy infantry, strongest infantry attacker.

    In-game Message/mail (aka IGM): A message sent in game.

    Inner Circle: The circle extending 100 squares in each direction from the center.

    IGN: In Game Name, seen frequently on the forums.

    IRC (Internet Relay Chat): a real time communication method used by alliances.

    Lag: Server Delay, when things take much longer then they should.

    Legionnaires (aka Leggos/Legs): The basic Roman infantry unit. Well balanced, but excels at nothing.

    Leveled/Level: Depends on context; either to:
    1: To build a building or field to its max level.
    2: To destroy a structure.

    Maceman (aka mm, clubbies, clubswinger, maces, etc): The Teuton’s beginning unit. Very cheap and an
    effective raider. However, has poor infantry defense and nonexistent cavalry defense. Usually regarded as expendable.

    Main Building (aka MB): A structure any village begins with. Allows for buildings to be built faster. At level 10 allows you to un-level(demolish) buildings.

    Mass Message (aka MM): A message sent to every member of an alliance by an officer/ someone with the privileges to do so.

    Merger: When two alliances decide to combine themselves. They may reorganize their players, drop some and create a new name that is a synthesis of the names of the old two. Note that this is a much more intimate association that a confederation, in which there are still separate leaderships, while in this case all the former leaders lead together.

    Meta/META: A large number of alliances confederated to each other, usually with poor coordination.

    Mod: Moderator on the Travian forums.

    Multi: An illegal account owned by someone that already has an account the same server.

    Multihunter (aka MH): An experienced player who opts out of a round to deal with infractions by the
    players in-game.
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    NAP (aka Non-Aggression Pact): a formal declaration between 2 alliances in which they agree to not attack each other's members

    Natars: A Non Player Character controlled tribe/player that holds artifacts, WWs and construction plans.

    Neg(ative) Wheat: When the wheat consumption of a village exceeds its wheat production.

    Newb: A new player

    Nickname (aka nick): a name you have used either on the forums, in-game or in a real time chat client

    Noob (aka nub or n00b): Someone who is bad at the game and whines and complains about it.

    Normal Server: (aka slow, when referred to by speed junkies) The normal type of Travian server; each domain usually has several. They run for approximately 100 days before endgame starts.

    NPC Merchant: A gold feature that allows a player to exchange resources one at a 1:1 ratio. Costs 3 gold.

    NPC: The act of trading with the NPC merchant.

    Paladins (aka Pallies): Teutonic unit. Fast, strong infantry defense.

    Perfect cropper: A 150% wheat oasis bonus 15 cropper with level 19 fields. 20's are possible, but usually not used to high cost; with great granaries and great warehouses, lvl 21 fields become possible, though prohibitively expensive.

    Phalanx (Phallywallies): The Gallic starting unit. Poor offense, but good defense against both infantry
    and cavalry.

    Plan Village: Either the Natar controlled village where plans spawn, or an alliance controlled village here plans are held.

    Plus: Using the Travian Plus gold feature

    Plus Bonus (aka Gold Bonus): The 25% bonus given to resource production or 10% offense/defense bonus given by gold.

    Population (aka pop): The population of the account(wheat consumption), not including troops.

    Praetorians (aka Praets/Prats): Roman infantry. Strong infantry defense. Terrible when used to attack.

    PropEganda: The use of the public forums for in-game strategy.

    Push: the act of sending resources to a player with none expected back in return.

    Quadline: (aka Axis) The area that separates the 4 game quadrants. Co-ordinates either X|0, or 0|Y.

    Quadrant (aka Quad): One of the four sections the Travian world is divided into by the North/South and East/West lines.

    Quad Domination: When an alliance manages to destroy all other alliances or organized powers in their quad and acheives military superiority. Note that confeding everyone in the quad is NOT quad domination, it is hugglefesting.

    Inter-quad Warfare: When alliances in different quads go to war.

    Intra-quad Warfare: When alliances in the same quad go to war.

    Quests: A series of tasks given at the beginning to guide the beginning player.

    Raider: (aka top raider) One of the top ten players who raids the most during a week.

    Raidslave: A dual player who specifically sends raids, usually on Teuton accounts

    Rams: Destroy walls. Counts as infantry. Frequently underused.

    Ram hammer: A large offensive army used to destroy a wall.

    Recruiter: Alliance officer who helps find new members for an alliance. Usually also does some PR and intelligence gathering work.

    Reinforcements (aka reins): Troops stationed in a village other than their village of origin, usually for defense purposes.

    Resources(Res, sources, RU): Wheat, Iron, Clay and Wood. Time is sometimes considered a 5th resource.

    Roman: One of the three Travian tribes.

    ROSTIOFF: The only known thing greater then fial.

    Scouts: (tribe specific: Pathfinders, Scouts, Equites Legati). Units used to check out the defenses,
    troops or resources of a village.

    Scout anvil/hammer: A large number of upgraded scouts.

    Secondary clear: Another (usually smaller) clearing wave used when sending catapults in order to limit losses to sniping defenders.

    Secret Confed: (aka Seccon) An "unofficial" confed between two alliances. It is either not displayed on the alliance profile, or may merely be an agreement between the leaderships of the alliances to work together or not attack each other.

    Server: A world where a round of Travian takes place.

    Settler: Used to found new villages.

    Simmer: Jono; A player who builds population and few troops or does not otherwise interact with others much.

    Sitter: Someone who manages your account for you, though they cannot spend gold(except to NPC) or launch real

    Skype: A real time alliance communication method.

    Snipe: When defense troops are inserted after a clear in order to kill catapult or chief waves.

    Spearman (aka spears): The Teuton’s defensive infantry. Very good cavalry defense.

    Speed Junkie: Someone who primarily plays speed servers.

    Spy: A player who is in an alliance in order to gather information about it and send it to another
    alliance and otherwise sabotage.

    Spam(ming): Sending way too many IGMs, or excessive, meaningless posts on the forums.

    Spawn: The village or location where a player's first village is.

    Spawn Ring: The "ring" or edge where new players are spawning. As time passes, this steadily moves outward.

    Spike: Placing defensive units in another player's village (usually a farm) in order to hurt the other people who raid that village for resources.

    Speed Server: (aka speed) Usually used in reference to the 3x speed servers. Usually last for 100 days until endgame begins.

    Splat: When an offense hits a defense and fails.

    Spy report: The act of sending 1 scout or unit to die against an enemy village and using a spy to check the defender battle report on that village even though the attacker received no report.

    Support: A group of people hired by Travian that answer questions for people in-game.

    Swordsman (aka Swordies, Swords): The Gallic offensive infantry.

    Starvation: When negative wheat drains the granary and the soldiers start dying and eating each other.

    Stronghold (aka SH): An area (usually in the boonies) heavily dominated by a single alliance.

    Suicide: The act of sending troops to die intentionally. Often before deleting, sometimes just done to get rid of their wheat consumption.

    Suicide Hammer: A leading hammer intended to soften up enemies right before another clear on targets expected to harbor lots of defense. Also Endgame Hammers targeting enemy WW villages are always Suicide Hammers since they almost never survive but are intended to damage 1-2 WW structures and possibly the wall. WW hammers need need thousands of catapults and/or rams since the amount that inflict damage is based upon the percentage of troops that you kill, which will assuredly be a small percentage.

    T.20?: Classic Travian.

    T3.0: The older version of Travian.

    T3.5: The current newest version of Travian; resulted in a 10% decrease for build times, new resource tile sets and artifacts.

    Teuton (aka Teuts): One of the three Travian tribes.

    Teutonic Knights (aka TKs): The Teuton’s heavy cavalry.

    Theutates Thunder (aka TTs): The Gallic light cavalry. Fastest unit in the game and an effective
    raiders. In large numbers known as a ghost hammer.

    Tribute: Paying resources to another player so they will not attack you.

    Tools: A non-Travian website that offers access to programs to make your game life easier, some are legal, some are not. If unsure, ask about their use before employing.

    Tournament Square (aka TS): A building that allows troops from that village to travel faster.

    Treasure Chamber: (aka TC): A building that allows a player to hold an artifact.

    Troll: A denizen of the forums who posts frequently in an insulting manner.

    Torus: A doughnut shape which describes the travian map in 3-D form. Imagine attaching two ends of the map to wrap around to create a cylinder, then attaching the other two ends to bend the cylinder into a loop. That gives you a torus.

    USx: The speed server of

    Vassal: Player that pays another player resources in return for protection against others.

    Wall: A defensive structure built on the outer rim of a village. Can be destroyed by rams.

    Waves: A series of attacks. Usually fakes, or catapults or chiefs with small escorts used to wreak havoc on a village after it has been cleared.

    Wing: An alliance that is part of a larger alliance which exceeds the 60 player limit per alliance. Despite being separate in-game entities, they act as one.

    World Wonder (aka WW): The point of the game (disputed). Whoever builds it to level 100 wins.

    WW Hammer: A massive hammer used to destroy a rival alliance's World Wonder.

    Zerg Meta: A META alliance which emphasizes quantity of members over quality of members.

    Zero: To completely destroy a village.

    .com: Reference to the international Travian servers

    .org: Some sort of test server; may be referring to 10x speed.

    2-pop: An inexplicable account where a person registers the account, activates it, then never plays. Can be counted on to contain 750 of each resource and no troops. A raider's favorite target.

    7x7: The view in your mini-map when centered on a location. It extends 3 tiles out in each direction.

    13x13: The extended map view enabled by having a Plus account, it extends 6 tiles out in each direction.
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    Simmer: Jono
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    I'm glad someone got my joke.

    Anyways, I edited it. Noobs don't know who Jono is...

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    I'm glad someone got my joke.

    Anyways, I edited it. Noobs don't know who Jono is...
    they should.
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    Is Jono a player?
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    Is Jono a player?
    That's funny. Very funny.

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    The NPC entry doesn't have much info.
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