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    What are good ways (other than parties at the town hall) to gain culture points fast? what buildings should i build/upgrade? thanks

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    i have a question relating this

    what are culture points good for?

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    heres a list of the buldings and their culture points

    I would reccomend the marketplace, it's cheap, and academies, and embassies, but town halls and parties should always be priority #1 for CP's

    Quote Originally Posted by Thundermanti View Post
    i have a question relating this

    what are culture points good for?
    You need them to found/conquer new villages, the culture points to found/conquer a new village goes up each time you found/conquer a village.

    The link I posted also contains the CP's required to found each village.
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    build embassy and academy for cheap culture points.

    Culture points are used for getting more villages. You have to get a certain amount for each new village expansion.
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    embassey is best at the begginning

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