I know changes in mod positions aren't normally announced, but we have a significant bunch of changes today so I thought it was worth creating this topic. First of all, thanks to all of you that applied in our recent recruitment thread. There were a lot of high-caliber applications and as always we sadly can't take everyone that we felt deserved a position. For those of you that didn't get the position you hoped for, there will be plenty more chances in future I am sure. Now for the changes that are happening and I will be enacting shortly:

The Sad News

Best to get the sad news out of the way first. After a long time helping us in many ways Tivon will sadly be leaving the forums as moderator. We want to thank him for everything he has done to help us and his work here has been highly valued. Thanks Tivon and we wish you good luck in everything you go on to do


We also have one promotion to announce from within our current staff. Nichts will be moving up a rank to become our brand new forum admin. He will be officially stepping into this position in a few days time. In this position he will help look after all the features the forum has to offer and will be another contact point for all kinds of interesting things. We offered him this position as a result of all the great work he has done for us in many areas not just relating to the core moderator duties. Congratulations Nichts and good luck (you'll need it ).

New Joins

At the same time we have three new joins to announce for our moderator team. They are:

  • F.C., who will be moderating the embassies sections for US1, US2 and US5
  • Tolstoy, who will be moderating the embassies sections for US2, US4 and US8
  • Sleeping Bear, who will be moderating the browsergame section after previously being an architect

Congratulations to all three of you and we hope you have a successful time with us as mods.

Current Staff Movements

At the same time, two of our Staff are changing position. They are:
  • Sucaliaric, who is leaving the browsergame section and moving to the embassies section for USX
  • Stargate, who is leaving the embassies section for US2 and moderating the browsergame section

Good luck to them as well.

That's it for this time, feel free to congratulate all the new/promoted staff and say goodbye to Tivon in the General Chat section.

Thanks again,