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Thread: Gaul Guide

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    Quote Originally Posted by HeroesForGhosts View Post
    I think this should be reworded because of a bit of a technicality: Thing is, Druidriders have more cavalry defense than Phalanx (phalanx have 50 cav defense, riders have 55). So saying that they "don't fare as well versus cavalry" isn't really accurate.

    If you're talking about resource management, yes, the more expensive cost of the 'riders make them less practical for cavalry defense, but fact is that strictly statistics-wise the 'riders ARE better at cav defense.

    That is all that stuck out to me, and it's really just a minor thing. Other than that, great guide for the beginner Gaul players.
    resource management is everything, and druidriders suck at defending against cav
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    ok hey ipwn can you stop attacking me
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    No, I like your resources too much.
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    ...I'm a terrible player though.
    I am Tamorand in US6/USX

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    Red face

    OK, seeing as how I'm gonna have to delete my Teut because he's on speed and I started out with the Teut guide for regular, not realizing that the Speed guide is MUCH different (thanks to the speed guide author noting that the strategies are definitely different, I would have been one unhappy camper at the end of day 3 ), I'm wondering if this guide is applicable for *both* speed and a regular server since I can't find a Gaul guide specific to Speed and I found this link within the Teuton-Speed guide? My wife has an account on Speed that is in the Teuton tribe, is the reason I am asking, yes I am aware that a single human can not have two accounts on the same server

    TIA for any help

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    I need to point out something there.

    Catapults, Fire catapults , Treb ALL have the SAME effect when demolishing buildings. You can confirm it with admins or support.

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    Nice guide I truly enjoyed it!

    Quote Originally Posted by Jewett View Post
    Hey Rambo, great analysis. Great Job!
    For any negative comments, just consider the source! You're doing a good job. Keep it up!


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    thanks, this helps alot in my sever 5 gauls.
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    thanks for the guide

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    Thumbs up Great guide

    Great guide!

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    Great job pointing out the good parts of Gual life, but i think you could have been more realistic.

    TTs are great raiders, as you said arguably the best in the game, but you repeatedly said they have a very good attack punch, which is just plain wrong. Cavalry in general are very weak attackers for their costs, the TT is no different. As with any cavalry, excercise caution when attacking if infantry are not being brought with. A TT needs to live for 14 full capacity raids to pay for itself, this isn't as easy as it sounds. Your opponent only needs 2 Legos/Spears/Phalanx (combined with wall and residence) for every TT you have to give you a crushing defeat, and even if they have a 1:1 ratio of defenders to TTs you will take a hefty net loss.

    You also advocated use of the trapper, which is one of the most common pitfalls of bad Gual players. Trappers only encourage aggressive players to attack you more. The double size cranny is a far better purchase than the trapper, and strongly discourages repeated raiding.

    Gual merchants being fast is great if you are selling, because your products appear on more buyer screens. However, they suck atthe same time, because the slow Roman and Teuton merchants that are bringing you your half of the deal are still slow. Your trading partner gets his stuff fast, you don't. For transporting between your own cities (which is the most common use of merchants) Teutons are far far better because of the higher capacity. This is compounded by the Trade Office which increases capacity by a percentage of the starting value. Perhaps if the Tourney Square affected merchants the Guals would have a leg to stand on in comparison. But it doesn't. Gual merchants are better than Roman, by far, but they are not a strong point for being a Gual.

    Also, you downplayed the cost of Gual Trebuchets. The weakest catapults and also the most most expensive, the hundreds of resources lost on each catapult will quickly add up. Even new players can easily field a couple thousand cats between a few cities over the course of the round. That adds up to hundreds of thousands of lost resources. Not to mention that cats are universally used to fake attack, meaning that the Gual is forced to throw away those extra 400 resources (compared to a Teuton) hundreds of times in order to disguise their real attacks, over the course of the server. The first few catapults are also the ones that matter the most, and spending an extra 4k resources to buy ten of them is not something that should be ignored.

    I liked your guide, i liked the effort, but i think it candy coated some of the less appealing aspects of Gual life, and the point of a guide is should be to instruct, and must be careful not to mislead.
    The story thus far:
    Torem of TalonR, USX1 - Pop 109th, Attackers 13th (Week 6 - Server End)
    Torem of VN, USX2 - Pop 24th, Attackers 9th (Full Round)
    Torem of BFP, USX3 - Pop 13th, Attackers 12th (Full Round)
    EmoTorem of VN, USX4 - Pop 11th, Attackers 17th (At deletion, 61 days into server)
    Karma of Fate, USX5 - Pop 4th, Attackers 2nd, Defenders 1st (Week 1-11)
    Dr Doom, NLX5 - Pop 8th, Attackers 2nd (Week 4-12)
    Phenomenon of Pringles, USX6 - Pop 4th, Attackers 7th (Week 1-4)
    Genocide, USX6 - Pop 17th, Attackers 6th (Week 5 - Server End)

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    Very informative! Thank you!

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    What Torem said is true, I guess, but I think it was a pretty decent guide. I'm more into the huggling sort of lifestyle myself, but I'll keep some of the stuff you wrote in mind.

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