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Thread: Zoid's Guide to Teutons (Speed)

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    Default Zoid's Guide to Teutons (Speed)

    Before we begin let's start by saying this guide will work better if you have duals and use golds. During the start teutons need to be super active and if you can't spare the time, I suggest you go gaul. This guide is written for speed servers but can be applied to slower servers but keep in mind everything will take longer in turn.

    Day 1

    The server just started... Everyone has 1 day of bp. That's one day to prepare yourself for alot of raiding to come. Many many outgoing, and maybe even a few incoming. There is alot of debate about whether or not to do the quests. I personally prefer to do the quests because if I have a run of bad luck and lose some mace they aren't as hard to replace. Follow all the quests until you reach the point where you must choose between military and economy. Since your using gold, you'll need the ability to NPC, so go economy. If you rushed mace the only one you might be able to attack is the MultiHunter if he's forgotten to ban himself and if others are hitting him too, there's a chance you might not steal much anyway. So go ahead and get that market. After that you'll want work on a level 1 barracks. Start queing mace and don't waste resources on finishing the fields to level 2 just yet. You'll have plenty of time to watch all the players in your 7x7 and determine who you want to raid first. Note any 2 pop players as Bp gets ready to end. Those are free safe resources and you'll want to send your maces there first to steal as much as possible.

    First 12 hours out of BP (The most important 12 hours of the game)

    So you're ready to raid. You've got a minimum of 20 macers or as many as upwards of 60. You've cleaned out the 2-8 pop players in your 13x13 and you've used the resources to build... more mace. NPCing wheat and iron before they overflow of course. Now it's time to start cleaning out the Romans in your area. You'll run into small batches of legos here and there but for the most part, you should have profitted. If not immediately, then from the next raid or two you sent at them. Romans are getting dry now eh?

    Now we're going to examine targets before we hit them. Start with other teutons. Check the players offensive stats to see if they are raiding. Check his defensive points to see if anyone is raiding them and maybe see if they've possibly lost all their troops making for a safe farm. If they have off points, they have mace and it might be worth it to wait just a little while before hitting them. Of course if you've gathered enough mace to feel cocky, test the teuton with a small raid. Keeping the romans dry, raiding some teutons, (maybe not all just yet) and starting to get the itch for a gaul or two? Not a problem.

    Everyone else seems to be afraid to hit gauls, Don't be. Hit the 9-41 pop gauls first and be sure to use larger parties of 20-40 mace (more if you're unsure about the target) and make sure to attack rather than raid. Check their stats to see if they're raiding too, (although it would take alot of phalanx to kill darn near anything at a profit) and of course check their def to see if someone's already cleared them for you. Awfully nice of them. Either way you should have at least 100 mace by now, and maybe even 150. You've done nothing but mace, wheat fields, and maybe even a granary or warehouse upgrade to help store your plunder.

    Ok, so we've covered raiding, maybe you have an incoming raid. Well we already have everything we need to make this a wasted trip on the raiders part. First check to see what tribe it is. If it's a gaul, check their offensive stats. Low or non-existant points? Defend with your mace, it's most likely phalanx and they will die easily against your mace. He won't do that again. Is it from a roman? Might be better to dodge and follow him home with your macers. Time your attack to land the same second their legos get home. This is a little hard to do but practice makes perfect. Is it from a teuton? Just dodge and you could attempt a follow home here as well, but it's not likely since your mace move the same speed as his and he'd almost always have 4 or 5 seconds to dodge his mace with under the best of circumstances. When dodging, send your troops on a run timed to get home 1 sec after the attack is over. What about hiding resources? NPC your resources into more mace at the last couple of min. Since you made all mace, all the resources are under cranny, even for another teuton.

    Raid Raid Raid and you should near the 200 mace mark. Now it's time to concentrate on your next troops. Scouts? No, skip them. Go straight for Paladins. As soon as you get the first paladin out, make a hero's mansion and a paladin hero. Try to get up 20 paladins as fast as possible. Now you can safely hit the other teutons and even follow them home with your paladins. Their mace are no threat to your pallies and will crumble from the mere sight of them. Don't defend with your paladins just yet. Right now, they are for killng mace. Once you have 20 paladins backtrack and make scouts. 10 should be plenty for the first day. Now you can take a peek at threats and even check some farms to see if they are worth a raid or not. now just stay on the mace and pallies for a while. Congrats.

    Next few days.

    Over the next few days you want to constantly raid. When things get boring start checking around the map for a 100%-150% 15c not too far from smaller players. It doesn't matter if it's not close to your starter. You'll cluster villages around your capital later and it'll feel like more of a home than your starter ever could have been in most cases. Found one already?!? Great. Now lets go get it. Don't have the cps? Don't worry, be happy. PARTY! Get that main to 10, get the academy to 10 and throw yourself a party! Once you've got that first party started, make sure the town hall is always working throwing parties. The more cps the better. But while the first party is going, raid raid raid and get your residence (NOT PALACE!) up to 10 and make 3 settlers. The moment the party stops, send your settlers on their way to that great 15c you spotted and relax.

    You've also been making more mace right? Good. Hopefully you've got a few thousand by now. maybe you've even got 100 or 200 paladins. As for your 15c, is it far from home? If it is, guess what... it's time to rinse and repeat. Yes, make mace here too. Raid from both. start upping fields at the cropper and npcing wheat into wheat fields and mace. after you've built it up a bit, make a 2nd town hall. Now you're running 2 parties at all times. You better be raiding night and day, but you're way ahead of most of the server surely.

    Get a 3rd village out as soon as possible. You'll want this to be a hammerville so preferably choose a 5clay or 5wood very near your cropper. Your raiding all the time for resources and and hopefully building up a few fields here and there. Slowly start switching your 3rd village over to making mace for raiding. If by now you need def, use your capital to make that. If your cap has level 8 fields or better and you have plenty of troops in your 3rd villag for raiding, go ahead and crash those troops from the cap into an... OASIS! Yes, you're npcing that wheat and building it up, why not get a lvl 10 hero's mansion and grab yourself an oasis! All is well, the only thing missing is a 3rd town hall. So throw one up and start throwing 3 parties all the time.

    You're 4th village should take long at all and once you have it and have built it up a bit, i'd think it's safe to say you have maxed the fields at your starter. You have? What's next there huh? Start upping the warehouse and granary. Once you can store plenty, start working on a town hall to lvl 10. Once you've got that take care of, throw a Big Party. You only have to pay for another every 28 hours and theres no faster way to get the cps. It's worth the price and besides, you should be stealing all these goods anyway. send the extra resources out to your real cluster and just keep your starter for throwing Big Parties and feeding your cluster. Keep growing, keep raiding, keep making mace. You should have complete domination over your cluster and life should be getting fairly easier as you get bigger and bigger. No matter what, at this point, you hammer should be making troops non stop. Troops there come before anything else. Congrats and where you go from here is up to you.
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    You playing on usx this round, man? Send me a PM.

    EDIT: Love the (unsigned) neg rep on this post. Was just trying to connect with a player from last round.
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    good guide!
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    About time you made a guide buddy. Can haz credit for proofreading?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jekyll&Hyde View Post
    About time you made a guide buddy. Can haz credit for proofreading?
    Sure you can. Let it be known that any grammar errors are completely your fault.
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    Scouts before pallies and pallies after 2nd town imo. Especially if you're farming at the rate this guide assumes.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bonsar View Post
    Scouts before pallies and pallies after 2nd town imo. Especially if you're farming at the rate this guide assumes.
    Having played with Zoid before, he tends to like to make enemies off the bat and needs pallies to help wipe early-game mace armies. I think your order is strictly-speaking better, but *shrugs*

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    Nice guide.
    Pretty close to what I follow except for a few new ways.
    But good job!

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    Thumbs up

    Thanks for the guide. I love reading all the Teuton guides, but what I'd really like to know is if there are any GAUL guides out there in this forum....? I imagine its pretty simular to the Roman guide tho.

    I'm on US3x right now playing a teut and following a mixture of the rules shared by you (zoid), ruin and nailzz and doing surprisingly better than i've ever done following the quests in past servers.
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    Good guide. I approve.

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