Hi all,

The following changes should now be active on our US servers (not all country versions have them yet though):


* Plus statistics in new game worlds
There was a "no input data specified" displayed on the plus graphs in the first days of a game world. This bug is fixed.

* Complete battle report when no troop returns
Raids and attacks have a "complete" battle report now. That means: Even defender name and villager are displayed now. Troops of the defender are displayed with an "?".

* Battle report rounding bug
It happens from time to time that 4 death troops were shown, but only 3 died. This bug is fixed.

* Statistic: Continuous clicking at the last site
On the player ranking for example: When you reached the last site you could even click on "continuous" to open a new blank site. This bug was fixed

* Tournament square didn't speed up settlers
Now it does. ;-)

* Battle reports: New announcement: "was not damaged"
"Scan Fakes" with one catapult or ram to find out which level the wall or other buildings have, didn't work any longer. Instead of "Wall damaged from 18 to 18" now will be "Wall was not damaged" announced.

* NPC trading now 7-digit

* battle report revised
Deleted players and villages are displayed with an [?] now. Before this was only at deleted villages after an attack, now everywhere.

* Found a new village link
If you have 3 settlers and you've chosen a place on the map the link "found a new village" was displayed even when the rally point still wasn't finished. This is fixed now.

* Negative crop production
When a village has an negative crop production and the main building is destroyed, you can build a new main building to level 1 at a a certain amount of production. Building the main building to level 2 is only possible if you have a positive crop production again. The "build Level 2" link was displayed until now even the crop production was negative. This bug is fixed now.

* Quests: Window bug on screen solution <600px
There must be some problems with it, it's fixed now.

* No oasis on the village statistic (ranking)
On the end of the ranking oasis were shown as villages. This entries were deleted.