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Thread: How do you Chief a village?

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    Default How do you Chief a village?

    The description for "Chief" and "Senator" in the Manual doesn't explain how to take over a village with this unit. How does it work? A senator is so very expensive to build, so I'm guessing you'd only use it against 500+ pop. villages?

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    you have to kill all of the enemy's troops then attack the village (not raid) with your chief/senator 3ish times to conquer.
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    With the same senator? So I only need to build one senator?

    Ah, but I still have to kill all his troops. What happens if I kill all his troops, but in the time it takes my senator to get there, he's built some more troops? As expensive as they are, I'd hate to have a senator killed over such an easy mistake.


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    Default good idea

    thats a ood idea, send some soilders witha hero with senator so youll win

    great idea ill do it

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    Oh dear.

    The correct way to chief a village generally follows this format:

    Clearing wave with hero and catapults to destroy all troops and the towns residence

    Depending on the number of senators, you send as many as you have to attack him, and if he is a decent player, generally with a size-able escort, because losing 100k resources is just upsetting.

    If you only have one senator, I suggest farming this guy repeatedly so he is unable to build back a large army in between the time it takes for your senator to hit and be sent out again.
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