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Thread: Guide: How To Put That Dove In Your Profile

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    Quote Originally Posted by retrogeek42 View Post
    PLEASE send me the coords of people asking how to put the dove in their profile. I'd like to stop by for a cup of tea!
    They could still be in BP
    *Insert funny quote here*

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    Quote Originally Posted by tygrmouse View Post
    and also, with the girlfriend repsonse, "even my girlfriend could do it"
    what are you saying, that your girlfriend is stupid because she's a girl? so, I must be as stupid as your stupid girlfriend? tell her that and see if you get any for the rest of the month
    i call my girlfriend stupid when we are in doggie..... i like when she starts squirming and tries to get away

    but seriously... (not likely)

    we have all been new at something before!!!
    but if you cant figure out the dove i dont think this game is for you..... or life

    actually i changed my mind... send me you coordinates and i will send some help
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    when i started playing, everyon had the dove of peace, and i was thinking, how do they know how to do that? so i waited patiently, doing my wuests, and then suddenly, the dove of peace quest came and i was jumping with joy.
    Quote Originally Posted by ???
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    Quote Originally Posted by conquerer7 View Post
    Step 1.

    You need to get to the Quest where the Quest Master actually tells you to put the Dove in for you to do the Quest. You should get to this point fairly quickly, in one or two days.
    I don't think step 1 is necessary I never did quests and always got the dove

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    First of all, my screen doesn't look like the screenshot.... The lefthand side doesn't have those links. Regardless, when I do open my profile, I cannot enter the [#0] into the medals section, so I tried entering it into Description 1... no dice. So now what???

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    If you are playing on a Travian 4 server, the profile will look like this:


    S6-r1 The_Chuck S8-r1 Lanie (night shift) S5-r3 Tyche (night shift) S7-r3 Chuckles (night shift)
    S2-r6 Tommo and rebuild S1-r7 Country (day shift) S5-r7(AEU) Office Space S19-r2 (SE) The Joker

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    Does this even need a guide ? ..... If anything ... Any good player will never put that on their profile (when you are still in the BP). Later on, its your wish.
    Quote Originally Posted by Ms. Evil View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by The Blazin1 View Post
    Aw, you shouldn't have.
    Don't you have a hole to die in?

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