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Thread: unoccupied oasis

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    Question unoccupied oasis

    how do i run/occupy a unoccupied oasis?

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    In the hero's mansion you can train a hero. You can annex local resource deposits at building level 10.

    What are oases?
    On the map around your village there are forests, clay fields, mountains, and meadows. You can annex these resource deposits with your hero in order to increase the resource production of your village.

    How do I conquer oases?
    To conquer an oasis, you must eliminate all the units there and then visit the oasis with your hero. The oasis must lie within the standard 7x7 map view centered upon your village. For the first oasis, you will need a hero's mansion level 10, for the second, level 15, and with a level 20 hero's mansion you may annex a total of three oases.

    Is it possible to release oases?
    Yes, that is possible. Annexed oases can be raided by enemies, in which case 10% of the resources in the annexing village can be stolen in each 10 minute period. It might make sense, then, to release the oasis in order to reduce the number of fronts for your enemies to attack

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    1) Have at least a level 10 Hero's Mansion
    2) Have a Hero
    3) Have a large number of troops
    4) Attack oasis until all of the animals have been killed
    5) You should now own the oasis and receive whatever resource bonus it offers

    You can occupy up to three oases per city. One at Hero's Mansion level 10, a second at Hero's Mansion level 15 and a thrid at Hero's Mansion level 20.

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    by doing a search instead of asking a question that gets answered 20 times a day.
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