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Thread: Oasis animal stats

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    Default Oasis animal stats

    Can someone post a link to a page that lists Oasis animal stats? Im not finding any working old links.

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    The link Woden87 gave to his wiki gives nature stats.

    Let me see if I can find it.


    Here it is

    If I knew how to hyperlink it I would, but I'm sure you know how to copy and paste.

    Hope this helps
    I'm Aquarius! Destined for Greatness...or Madness.

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    hehe well I know how to right click and open in new tab. thank you

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    Default Haha I know

    I know it's not your wiki, it's just that you're (I think) probably the first person who introduced it to the rest of us.

    So I give you recognition for it
    I'm Aquarius! Destined for Greatness...or Madness.

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