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Thread: Happy Mother's Day

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    Default Happy Mother's Day

    Happy Mother's Day to everyone!

    Dr. Sapient just got these at the hospital.

    Though they messed up, they were supposed to put the air heads in between the flower stalks, but they put in extra stargazer lilies, so all is good.

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    *Sigh*, I'm such an idiot.
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    I'm not very bright.

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    They probably couldn't get rok in the vase.
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    You should quote yourself. It's like liking your Facebook status or high-fiving yourself in the mirror.

    It's what I would do if I didn't have to keep mine exactly how it is for madsquirrels and erazer.

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    For some reason, in most arab countries, mother's day is in March 21st


    trooper? recruit an army and get two recruits from me for your army...

    first five would receive 50 extra coins don't miss the chance...

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    We have a few mothers who drop by Gen Chat from time to time, so for those folks, here's a wish that you have had/are having a pleasant day with your families.
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    Mine was a long way from my boys, and mostly spent travelling.

    Hunter, Mothering Day is in March in the UK as well, and that was a religion based earlier day of recognition. Although christian I would think in the UK, so not sure if it's the same one as in the middle east. This one was started by an American early last century I think. Probably became so big due to Hallmark.
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    Probably became so big due to Hallmark.

    The original holiday was an anti-war action, not a corporate tool.

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    For some reason, in most arab countries, mother's day is in March 21st


    This is true. I don't know which my family celebrates though lol.
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