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Thread: A question on small celebrations in T4

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    Default A question on small celebrations in T4

    Since the celebration system has changed slightly in T4 I am a little bit confused on how small celebrations work. Travian Answers tells me this:
    "The amount of culture points granted to a small celebration is equal to the culture points generated in the village where the Town Hall is located"

    Does this mean, that I get all the cp that this village has produced so far? (To a maximum of 500)
    Or does it mean, that I get all the cp that are currently beeing produced? (Cp per day)

    In addition to that, if the first point is true, there´s another question:
    My culture points tab inside the residence tells me I have produced 763 cp so far, but I started with 500cp and only produced 263 so far. Would I gain 500 or 263cp from the small celebration?

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    Hi Lord Pent.

    You gain CP equal to the current (CP per Day) CP Production of the village where the Town hall is located upto a maximum of 500 with every small celebration. You got 263 CP from the celebration because that is the Current CP production of your Village.


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