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Thread: Unable to feed reins RoAx2

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    Default Unable to feed reins RoAx2

    We sent 7K wheat worth of troops to a defense call. After they arrived we realized crop was low. But when we went to send crop from a nearby village, the system told us we are over the limit and they have to send us resources first. We do sit the other account, but another player who does not has the same problem. Has there been a change so we can no longer feed our own reins?


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    Try changing the village you are shipping wheat from. ROA is extra restrictive on resource transfers to combat the ease of building bot farms with level 10 fields.

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    Since it is a recently opened region, that option was not available. And I was prepared for the restrictions as far as growing new villages. But these were reins. Some of whom starved because we were not allowed to feed them from close.


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