Swap Meat: Swedes Ponder Tax on Flesh-Eaters to Help Environment

Despite the fact that all forms of vegetarianism are being hyped as the right thing in the Nordic media (as opposed to red meat which is being pointed out as harmful for the environment and a carcinogen), meat consumption is on the rise. Today, Swedish researchers are considering a meat tax to help the environment and promote healthy nutrition.
Swedes are bad at food propaganda!

"What we have seen is that the awareness-raising campaign did not work out well. More people are aware of the environmental problems arising out of meat production, yet the consumption is still rising," SLU project manager Elin Röös told Swedish Radio.
Awareness doesn't taste umami in the mouth, but meat does!

"It is difficult if not impossible to design a meat tax that penalizes 'bad' meat and promotes 'good' meat. For what is good and bad meat? Organic farming is dependent on animals, primarily herbivores. Additionally, all animals produce manure that is good for the soil and replace imported fertilizers," Peter Borring, Chairman of Federation of Swedish Farmers (LRF) in Östergötland County, wrote on his Facebook page.
then you have to regulate meat consumption, wait isn't that breaching freedom of eating? instead of going on meat tax go for obesity tax.

"People don't generally favor taxes, so I think it was a pretty high figure," Elin Röös told Swedish Radio.
Because taxes that have no return value to the public is theft.