So in 2009 Ahmadinejad banned social media:

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Off social media, Ahmadinejad is better known as a hard-line conservative who worked hard to censor the Internet, blocking Facebook and Twitter amid anti-government protests in 2009.
but he recently joined twitter:

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In the name of God
Peace be upon all the freedom loving people of the world

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Chavez is alive until humanity is alive, freedom and truth is alive. He will return as freedom and justice will return.
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The merciful creator created all human beings from the essence of love. Let's all love each other.
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We all originate from the same root and truth, and have been created to love.
I remember he was the most controversial president who was promoting radical speeches by casting them everywhere he goes.

He had a very "exchangeful" relation with israel

Now he is being nice on twitter?

smells fishy!