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    Default Can't see ads

    I can't see the ads to speed up my construction. I deactivated ad blocker but I only get a black screen.

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    Sorry for the issues. Can you give the following information

    Browser (and addons)
    5 digit number thats normally displayed on the video screen in the bottom left or top right
    Server and nick

    You can send via PM if you dont wish to give the details publicly

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    Sometimes it works if you wait. I've had over a minute of black screen before the ad starts.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Thanatos777 View Post
    I can't see the ads to speed up my construction. I deactivated ad blocker but I only get a black screen.
    Do it in IE instead of Chrome/Firefox (whichever you're using).

    For some reason it works better on IE for me.
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    The most commonly used browser is Chrome. Wonder how TG's ad space purchasers would feel if they knew most viewers couldn't see the ads they paid for...

    I never see the ads (Chrome). I'm not switching browsers so TG can be lazy.

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