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Thread: US Round numbers

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    Default US Round numbers

    Hey folks

    I have noticed that the Hall of Fame, server info and archives are missing round numbers.

    Is there anyone out there keeping track of round numbers or know where i might find them for the US servers

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    You are looking for this post:
    It was updated until Oct 2015, but you should be able to figure out the more recent servers.

    S6-r1 The_Chuck S8-r1 Lanie (night shift) S5-r3 Tyche (night shift) S7-r3 Chuckles (night shift)
    S2-r6 Tommo and rebuild S1-r7 Country (day shift) S5-r7(AEU) Office Space S19-r2 (SE) The Joker

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    Tineren, Once again thanks for finding the info for me I have updated that thread as far as i can. I think it should be merged into the main server info thread.

    (IE current rounds running at the top and some kind of nice neat table underneath with the historical information.)

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