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Thread: Messaging multiple players at once

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    Default Messaging multiple players at once

    Alright, so maybe I am just very rusty. I cannot figure if there is a way to message multiple players the same message.

    So for example, if I need just 3-5 players to send defense somewhere I'd rather do it in one shot.

    Or when I chief a village I need to individually copy and paste the same message maybe 10 times if it is an inactive village.

    Any help would be appreciated.

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    There is no method to do that as far as I know and played.
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    They don't want any multiple message options beyond the alliance wide messaging because it would be a tool for spammers. Your best bet is copy/paste.

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    Dont tell the spammers but....... the next patch has the following item included

    TRAIVBXXIV-3188 - Offer multiple recipients for IGM - so we react on players wishes.

    Provided the roll out goes ok on UK and other domains it will hit US later next week. I will post the full changelog and US roll out date nearer the time (pointless doing it now as it is constantly changing)

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    Awesome, looking forward to that.

    Thanks for the prompt reply.

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    Tell the developers thank you!

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    I will thank them once its rolled out and working

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    Hopefully the Walrus update doesn't affect the .us domain nearly as severely as it impacted the Finals.

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    Walrus is being updated to include the fixes for the fixes it was meant to fix..........

    All rollouts have been pushed back and a new patch version should be released on monday as Walrus Patch #????

    Once i have the revised rollout schedule I will let you know

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    I see it has been updated now

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