Hi Everyone,

Have you ever wanted to work in an international environment and wanted to get a peek behind the scenes? Do you like to help out and have good social skills? Then we've got some news for you!

Currently we are looking for people who'd like to help us out making sure the game stays a nice place for everyone to hang out and to contribute to making the game even more successful. The job openings that are available are: Supporters and Multihunters. (To become a Multihunter you will need at least 1 month of Supporter experience).

What are the job requirements?
• We use Skype to communicate with each other. If you've never used it before, you just need to be willing to learn how to use it.
• You should have a competency knowledge of the English language in reading and writing.
• You need to have experience playing the game.
• You must be at least 18 years old.
• You must be open and willing to communicate with other team members on a daily basis
• You must be online and carry out the job duties for at least 2 hours a day.
• You must enjoy working in a team environment.
• You will need to sign a Non Disclosure Agreement.

What are we offering?
• The chance to contribute to the game you're playing.
• The experience of working on a team with interesting people from all over the world.
• The chance to check out the latest updates of the game and help us improve them.

Ready to apply?

If you think you're the one we're looking for then please send in your application to: jobs@travian.us. Make sure you include the following:
• Your real full name.
• Your nickname in the game and on the forum.
• Which server(s) you play.
• Your date of birth including the year.
• Your location (country).
• Your timezone. (GMT or UTC)
• General idea on how much time you will be available for this job on a daily basis.
• Which position you are interested in.
• A little bit about yourself to let us gain an insight as to what kind of person you are, what kind of experience you have in the game, and if you have had any former jobs in the same sector.
• What your expectations are?

Already part of another team?
No worries, you can still apply but make sure you have permission from your Community Manager to do so and that you've got the time to do your job on both domains. Include on your application which game, server and country you are a team member of.

Still have questions?
Not sure what to do? Or do you simply have some questions you would like to ask? Write an e-mail to jobs@travian.us and we'll answer your concerns.

You'll get a reply to your application within seven days. Applications that haven’t provided all of the necessary information will not be accepted. Keep in mind this is a volunteer job.

Looking forward to hearing from you soon!

Kind regards,
Travian US Team