Hello everyone,

Today the Beta server for our annual special has started. If you want to have a look and play test it you are very welcome to register an account on http://ts80.travian.com/ Please try it out - and report bugs you find, so we have a nice bug-free version for the global release. Any bugs can be reported in game by sending in a ticket.

Gold transfers are enabled unlike the PTR server on the .com domain.

On to some specifics regarding this scenario:
  • The version is built based on Scattered Empire (regions, region unlocking, no WW end condition but fixed run time (200 days), and so forth)
  • ... but the VP generation is rebalanced: for example, if region has really good artifact, it produces less VPs.
  • Alliance bonuses - players contribute resources in order to power up their alliance bonuses. The bonuses are pretty powerful and vary a lot.
  • Boosted start - each player starts with boosted-up village, 100 Gold and ability to found 2 new villages right away.
  • No-items - there are no auctions, no adventures, no silver and no items.
  • Speed of the world is 1x.

To keep all the feedback about Travian Legends: Rise of Alliances in one place for the development teams, please use this section on the .com forums. You can add any feedback about the scenario, for example the new UI, etc. Please do not report bugs there, instead fill an ingame support request form so we can quickly forward issues straight to the developers.

We hope you will have fun and please report any bugs and share your feedback so we can adjust it to your liking. Thank you in advance.

Kind regards,
Your Travian: Legends Team