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Thread: Farm Finder

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    Default Farm Finder

    originally posted in s1 only, but i updated for all 5 servers now. make sure to select the server you are on.

    check it out.

    it's very rudimentary, but it'll find you the people closest to you, and it has links to some of their info (player, alliance, and attack village link).

    i plan on working on it to make it a bit better overall, (especially if anyone remembers ze's farm finder.) I'll add some more stuff later tonight (something like an activity calculator, based on how much the village was built)

    let me know if you want me to add anything, or if it's even useful for you. if it is useful, i'll continue working on it and if anyone has suggestions, let me know.

    it will update everyday between 2 AM to 2:30 am EST (depending on if map.sql is updated, and the server)

    also, if you know what the &c= is at the end of village URLs, and how to calculate, please let me know so I can link to villages too. (more/less info in thread below)

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    does speed not count as a server anymore?

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    what about server 3x. would you put that on there.
    you dont have s3x

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    duh... youre using the wrong link...

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    thanks, adding

    sorry, i don't play speed looked to me like it said

    edit:it's up now
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    Wow... I searched, and found myself listed .
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    you mean by coordinates?

    it's just a list of closest villages! use discretion when attacking.

    i'll be able to provide more information on who to attack later on, based on some ratings that i devise

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    When i get to 1000 pop. and you use this to exploit my godliness, I'll farm your capital and message you 'All your bases are belong to us' every time I raid you.That is, if i get that far.<---------has website that shows 1 lego owning 50 legos

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    Thanks Lordy.

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