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Thread: [US1] Maintenance 12.11 7:00 AM EST, Birthday version update

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    Default [US1] Maintenance 12.11 7:00 AM EST, Birthday version update

    Dear Players,

    we have planned an update for Birthday version of the game. It will be installed on US1 server 12.11 at 7:00 AM EST. There will be a downtime for 30 to 60 minutes. This is needed to install this update.

    The update is focused on fixing some bugs in the birthday version.

    Here is a more detailed changelog:


    - Villages on gray fields have to contribute to CP in celebrations.
    - Daily quests: Reward System: Rewards will be less random to make sure players don't get the same reward more then twice in row.

    Fixed bugs:
    - Rally Point: Raid list: list from other village loads endlessly. Fixed
    - Statistics: Top10 climber statistic shows no number. Fixed.
    - Daily quests: "Gain or spend gold" doesn't trigger in all cases. Fixed.
    - Rally Point: Raid List: arranging/ sorting created list loads endlessly. Fixed.
    - Marketplace: Its not possible to send merchants when the crop production is less than 1. Fixed.
    - Alliance Forum: Confederacy forum does not work for confederated alliances. Fixed
    - Master builder: you can have orders for building max level +1. They won't start though. Fixed.
    - Banned Player: System message after clicking the gold button contains an info button. Fixed. The info button is removed.
    - Beginners protection: Natars cannot be attacked. Fixed.
    - Statistics: Alliance: top10: Multihunter alliance is in top10. Fixed.
    - Statistics: Top 10: Climbers of the week is not working properly. Fixed.

    Best regards,
    Travian Team

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    Thanks for sharing the information. I found the information very helpful.

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