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    Default s1 Birthday Server Changes/Features

    These are the changes to the basic T4.2 framework that are in place for the special Birthday Server that will be played out on us1, which starts on September 27, 2013. Discussion of the changes may be found here: Travian Blog

    (copied from Phanttis' post on the .com forums)
    - Bucket: an account can use only 1 bucket per 24h

    - Artwork: the maximum culture points a player can get from an artwork is reduced to 2000. In addition, no artwork drops for the player in an adventure in the first 14 days of the server.

    - Celebrations: the culture points are added instantly. The amount of culture points granted to a small celebration is similar to the culture points generated in the village where the Town Hall is located up to a maximum of 500. The great celebration grants culture points similar to the culture points generated in all villages of the player up to a maximum of 2000.

    - It’s possible to create trade routes which will deliver resources to World Wonder and Artifact villages who belong to players in your alliance or confederacy.

    - The servers will end when one of these events takes place, whichever comes first:
    A player builds a World Wonder level 100.
    The Natars, who will start building their World Wonder at a set amount of days after the server started, build their World Wonder to level 100.

    - After reaching level 75, every Natarian warrior is needed, so there is no one left to attack competing world wonders which belong to any other player.

    - 8 out of the 13 WW villages get new spawning spots, outside of the grey area. World Wonders defense varies more.

    - Players are under Beginners’ protection until they first reach 200 inhabitants or until they first settle their second village. While under Beginners’ protection, other players cannot send the protected player troops in any way, and the protected player cannot send troops in any way to another player.

    - Double resource production, double cranny capacity for all tribes and double troops crop consumption (hero is not affected).

    - Daily tasks: 10 different types of tasks, ranging from pretty easy to challenging, which players can do every day to get different rewards. The more points you collect from daily tasks the more attractive prizes you get!

    - Players start game with 500 Culture points and receive 50 Gold as a reward for their 2nd village. Map looks a bit different from what we got used to in T4.

    - After Construction plans appear in the game, units in WW villages will consume only 50%.
    - Carrie, retired HMH -

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    Changes and fixes with the update of March 27th.

    - Ally forum: copied all changes from T4.4 to Birthday Special
    - Multi language game worlds: Special language characters: Merge letters allowed in lt, lv and ee. Done.
    - Daily Quests: Raid unoccupied oasis: quest doesn't trigger if hero has cages but there are no animals. Fixed.
    - Daily Quests: Displayed time for the daily reset is wrong when changing to different time zones. Fixed.
    - Daily Quests: It is possible to gain multiple rewards at the same time. Fixed.
    - Daily Quests: Gold transfer link: Daily quest #5 doesn't trigger after gaining gold via GTL. Fixed.
    - Master builder: infinite page reload when artifact is missing. Fixed.
    - Master builder: WW village: you can build several WW levels at once. Fixed. Master builder has been disabled for WW villages now.
    - Trade routes to artifact villages do still start even after the it got stolen. Fixed.
    - Artifact: Big Cranny: doesn't always work correctly. Fixed.
    - Natars: Artifact villages do not get deleted after the artifact has been conquered. Fixed.
    - ww village: Culture points: WW villages in grey area still produce culture points. Fixed.
    - Game end: GTL: gold transfer link is not created for all players. Fixed.
    - Buildings: Marketplace: Users send resources to wrong place accidentally. Fixed.
    - Reports: Trade routes: Wrong recipient shown if sender is not recipient. Fixed.
    - Reports: Ally reports: If you change your active village while you are in the reports, then a blank area is shown. Fixed.
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    Updates implemented on April 3:

    - Main building: Demolish: In Firefox "complete construction immediately" leads to freezes of the time left and no pop-up to confirm. Fixed.
    - Daily Quests 04: Winning an auction subtracts 5 points from overall score. Fixed.
    - The tutorial got stuck in step 2. Fixed.
    - Servertime: Switch to summer time causes daily quest reset issue. Fixed.

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    Updates scheduled to be implemented on April 17, without downtime:

    - Statistics: Alliances defender tab had a wrong description title. Fixed.
    - Daily quests: Achievements: Layout error: "20.000 resources" was displayed as a reward instead of 200 silver. Fixed.
    - Alliance: Confederacies forum: "toggle admin mode" button has no function. Fixed.
    - Quest: Questmaster Sidebox: the language variable "QuestV2.QuestSystemExceptionMessage" had a typo which made it visible but not usable. Fixed.
    - Hero: Item: Artwork: Tooltip is wrong if you have villages in grey zone only. Fixed.
    - Natars: Terminate server after a specified time: Natars built to many WW levels too fast. Fixed.

    - Servertime: Switch to summer time causes daily quest reset issue. Added logging.

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