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Thread: T4.2 Changelog

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    Default T4.2 Changelog


    Here is the full changelog of T4.2 so far.

    - All ingame windows and ingame popups have a close button
    - New ingame popup for confirmation of construction completion
    - New ingame popup for activation of production bonuses
    - Map, Statistics, reports and messages pages are now ingame windows
    - Hero and auction page is now ingame windows
    - Profile and account settings pages are ingame windows
    - New ingame window for Plus menu
    - Ingame popups for ingame manual and tasks are moveable
    - NPC trade is a ingame popup now. Therefor the tab in market is removed and a button in the management tab in market is added.

    - New menu icon for IGMs
    - Delete/Cancel buttons show a trash bin now instead of a red X
    - New golden buttons for gold features and feature packages
    - New buttons on village sign with direct links to market, barracks, stable, workshop (only in feature package “Plus account”). The buttons are disabled if you don’t have the according buildings.
    - New buttons on alliance sign with direct links to ally overview, ally forum and embassy. The buttons are disabled if you aren’t in an alliance resp. if you don’t have an embassy.
    - Buttons have a mouseover text
    - Village list: New button “show coordinates” on village list, which shows or hides the coordinates of your villages in the village list
    - Village list: double click on “villages” … does nothing anymore. Instead there is a new button “village overview” that opens the ... well, the village overview.
    - Double click on the village sign ... does nothing anymore. Instead there is a new button on the village sign to edit the village name.

    - There are headers now on some pages for a visual splitting of different functions (e.g. in market overview there are headers “merchants” and “trade routes” above the corresponding information now)
    - The resource bar, the display of the current content and capacity of warehouses and granaries under the top middle menu, looks completely different. And your current crop balance is shown in the mouse over text of the free crop. They are buttons and in future versions there will be a production overview explaining how exactly your current production is calculated, but for now, nothing happens if you click them. That’s why the mouseover text says “coming soon”.
    - Also the display of your resources in resource bar now shows decimal delimiters (you know, that thing between the numbers like commas, dots, space …)
    - When you have a production bonus active a “+” symbol is shown accordingly in this resource bar and in your production list.
    - In construction page the soon available buildings are always shown. Also the width of this page is smaller now.
    - The crop field and the clay pit in the background image are not hiding behind the trees anymore. The stone in foreground was removed and someone took the stone table that linked to the ingame manual.
    - The background image of the note page was changed to the one of reports and IGMs
    - 8 new icons for surrounding reports
    - Text in tabs is closer to the tab border now, so you should be able to put a better translation in the tabs of the market or the rally point.
    - New notification bubbles for new report, new IGM, new adventure, free skill points, hero is dead, the Taskmaster wants your attention
    - Day and night icon removed
    - Account profile: if you have a very long profile text, a scroll bar is shown, so players don’t need to scroll down so far to see the player’s villages
    - Ally-Chat removed.

    Automatic pushing protection system
    - explained here

    Raid list:
    - There is a maximum of 100 raid lists per Account.
    - There is a maximum of 100 entries per raid list.
    - Each target can be only once on one raid list.
    - It’s not possible to add a ww village to a raid list.

    - Taskmaster: is animated now if you move your mouse cursor over it
    - Beneath the Taskmaster there is a list of the 6 tasks that you most likely are going to solve next.
    - There is a completely new task system and a lot more tasksto do now.
    - When updating an account, player’s task status of old task system is transferred to the new one, so players don’t have to do all tasks again.
    - Players don’t necessarily get the rewards. E.g. If you have upgraded all clay pits to level 1 and after that finish task Tutorial_02, then you get nothing because the reward for this task is an upgrade of a clay pit to level 1 but there is no clay pit level 0 left.
    - Tasks are split in 4 categories: sequential tutorial tasks, battle tasks, economy tasks, world tasks. Last three categories are parallel tasks (= tasks that you can solve in any order).
    - New tasks overview for categorized parallel tasks.
    - There is an Answers link for each single task.
    - Task: new task pictures implemented.
    - Full list of tasks is available here.

    - When your hero is dead then you can’t revive him/her if your crop production is negative and within the resurrection time + 24h your granary would get empty. There is an according error message shown for the player.
    - The 6 crop that the hero produces while alive is shown next to the hero’s production now.
    - When changing hero attributes an information message in the right top corner asks you to save your changes until you did so or until you leave the page.
    - Hero items: Balancing: Drop tables:
    -- Drop probability for Scrolls at game start reduced.
    -- Drop amount of ointments and law tablets reduced.
    -- Drop amount of troops and cages raised for speed servers.

    Short summary:
    Usability test showed that most things were on the wrong side of the page, so we almost turn the whole thing around. Also you have the common menu for settings, help, logout etc. now.
    In detail:
    - Frame: top center: shows menu in silver frame now
    - Frame: top center: New icon for IGMs button
    - Frame: top center: silver is link to the advantage tab of the Gold menu
    - Frame: top right: New menu with new icons for:
    -- Link to players profile (popup)
    -- Link to account settings (popup)
    -- Link to forum (new browser tab)
    -- Link to IRC chat (new browser tab)
    -- Link to Ingame manual (popup)
    -- Logout
    - Frame: Hero menu moved from right side to left side
    - Frame: alliance sign moved from right side to left side
    - Frame: direct link list moved from right side to left side
    - Frame: village sign moved from left side to right side
    - Frame: taskmaster moved from left side to right side
    - Profile and settings are 2 different menus now.
    - You can disable the big pictures in reports in your account settings

    Info box:
    - The old info box, where time until artifacts appear and time until beginner’s protection runs out etc. was shown, is removed. But there is a new information box now that shows you following things (in this priority):
    1) Announcement of maintenance/downtime
    2) Ban notification “your account is banned for …”
    3) Truce is running from ... to ...
    4) Plus account runs out in … (24 hours countdown)
    4.1) if you don’t have enough gold to extent the plus account, that’s mentioned here as well, including a link to the store
    4.2) if auto-extend is not active and you have enough gold then a link is shown with which you can extend your plus account
    4.3) if your plus account ran out within last 24 hours, then a link is shown here where you can activate it again
    5) Production bonus runs out
    5.1) always only the one which ends first is shown
    5.2) if you don’t have enough gold to extent the bonus, that’s mentioned here as well, including a link to the store
    5.3) if auto-extend is not active and you have enough gold then a link is shown with which you can extend your production bonus
    5.4) if your production bonus ran out within last 24 hours, then a link is shown here where you can activate it again
    6) Artifacts appear in …
    7) Announcement of special events or gold promo
    8] Deletion countdown
    9) Beginners protection countdown

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    *** continued ***

    Gold color for gold stuff:
    - New golden buttons for NPC-Trade
    - New golden buttons for instant construction completion
    - New golden buttons for building master
    - New golden buttons for feature packages if you don’t have it with a hint what advantages you could have (e.g. “with plus account you could put this construction order in the construction queue”)
    - Tabs of Plus-Account and Gold club Features are always shown now but in gold color when you don’t have the feature package active
    - New golden button in production list for activation of production bonuses
    - New golden and animated button for Plus menu

    Buying gold pages got a huge usability improvement:
    New popup page with following function and explanations:
    - buy gold
    - spend gold for Plus account, Gold club and production bonuses
    - New auto-extend function for Plus account and production bonuses. If enabled the feature will automatically be extended and the according gold withdrawn. So no starved troops anymore because users forgot to extend +25% crop production feature.
    - go to Answers or contact Plus support
    - earn money

    New buttons for feature packages (“Plus account” and “Gold club”) are shown at some places if you don’t have that package active. The page that shows the button also shows a small text with a hint what advantages you could have (e.g. “with plus account you could put this construction order in the construction queue”). Clicking on one of this buttons leads you to new popup page where:
    - the feature is explained
    - you can purchase gold to activate this feature
    - all other features of the feature package are listed and explained

    Feature package “Gold club” now contains:
    - Market: merchants can run 3 times
    - Market: trade routes
    - Rally point: evasion
    - Rally point: raid list
    - Map: crop finder
    - IGMS & reports: archive (moved from Plus account to Gold club)

    Feature package “Plus account” now contains:
    - Market: merchants can run twice
    - construction queue
    - research queue for smithy
    - “check all” button for reports and IGMs
    - Map: full screen map
    - Map: own villages, villages of your alliance and federation and villages that your alliance is in war with are automatically marked
    - Map: incoming and outgoing troop movements are shown on the map
    - frame: left side: area for user defined direct links
    - frame: right side: village statistics (button on top of village list)
    - frame: right side: incoming attack warning in village list
    - frame: right side: direct links to market, barracks, stable and workshop (new buttons on top of village sign)

    Former Gold club features that are now gold features available without any active feature package:
    - Master builder

    Former Plus-Account features that are for free now:
    - Notes
    - Sort function for IGMs and reports
    - Auto-completion on market and Rally point
    - Report filters, including the option to choose how many reports and IGMs are shown on one page
    - Plus statistics

    - New Plus account feature: Buttons on the village sign with direct links to market, barracks, stable and workshop.
    - The silver <---> gold exchange office moved from plus menu to the auction page. It’s only visible after you finished 10 adventures.
    - Editing the direct link list is removed from profile and only available now via the new button on link list.

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    Some recent updates that have been made on US servers

    - new: production overview now active
    - new: auction: all players can see and bid on all auctions (including own auctions)
    - new: auction: if you start an auction then it is not visible instantly but after a random amount of time
    - new: auction: it is not shown anymore how long your own auctions are still running. Instead it only says 'running'.
    - new: auction: it is not shown anymore how many times someone bid on your own auctions or what the current price of your own auctions is. Instead it only says '?'. Only finished auctions that were not canceled show that information.
    - new: auction: you can cancel your auction only within first 5 minutes (if no-one has bid on it yet)
    - consumables except artworks can only be put into auction in packages. This means you cannot sell e.g. just one of the following items, as it does not fulfill the package size requirement.
    -- tablets of law, ointments, scrolls & cages: 5, 10, 30 or 50 items per package.
    -- big bandages & small bandages: 2, 10, 25, 50, 100 or 250 bandages multiplied by server speed per package.
    - new: auction: it is not shown anymore how many times someone bid on your own auctions or what the current price of your own auctions is. Instead it only says '?'. Only finished auctions that were not canceled show that information.
    - new: Reports / Messages: "Mark all" is now a free feature.
    - chat button leads to ""( IRC-Chat).
    - Tooltip for culture points is always shown.
    - cancelling the changing of the email address causes a white page. Fixed.
    - Sitter rights are not saved after a page reload, even if they have been saved manually before the reload.

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    Changelog July/August 2013

    Quests bugfixes:
    - Quest: Opening the statistics did not trigger the quest world_1. Fixed.
    - Quest: There has been an exploit between tutorial step 04 and 05. It has been removed.
    - Quest: The shop quest was not marked as "finished" without a manual refresh of the page. Fixed.
    - Quest: World_15 does not trigger even though 3 settlers have been built. Fixed.
    - Quest: Economy_07 did not trigger when sending merchants. Fixed.
    - Quest: Tutorial_03 finished every woodcutter level, not just a lvl1 woodcutter. Fixed.
    - Quest: The help highlighting (red rectangle) only marks the coordinates in the task description. Fixed.
    - Quest / Tutorial: Battle_07 showed an occupied oases in the description, which confuses players. Fixed.
    - Tutorial: The tips get activated everytime a page is reloaded. Fixed.
    - Tutorial: If the tips get deactivated, this only counted for the actual page. Fixed.

    Alliance bugfixes:
    - Alliance forum: "<" and ">" are not allowed for usage.
    - Alliance forum: Even though the player is banned, he still had the possibility to reuse an old article to keep on writing. Fixed.
    - Alliance forum: Even though the player is banned, he could create new threads. Fixed.
    - Alliance: If a banned member tried to configure rights/positions in the alliance the following message had no layout. Fixed.
    - Pushing protection: It had some issues when both players are not in an alliance. Fixed.

    Hero/auctions bugfixes:
    - Hero: Giving out attribute points for your hero in 2 different tabs caused the error "%%karte.toManyPointsSettedOverAll (de)%%". Fixed.
    - Hero: The portrait of the hero only changes after a reload of the page. Fixed.
    - Hero item: The bonus from the pennants did not work on speed servers. Fixed.
    - Hero: There is no time shown for how long it takes until you have enough resources to revive a hero. Fixed.
    - Auctions: The first horse is now sellable and visible for other players.
    - Auctions: Players could identify their auctions and if they already got a bet on it by the colour of the question mark. Fixed.

    Village/Oases bugfixes:
    - WW village: Fake attacks can block a ww village. Fixed.
    (The reload of the village page occured so many times that it was not possible to interact with the game anymore. The code here has been optimized so that this should not happen anymore.)
    - Village: If you name your village "[[?]]" it was changed to [?] and has then been unclickable. Fixed. ("[?]" is now only used for deleted villages again)
    - Oases: Oases were only attackable if the player clicked on them on the map before attacking it. Fixed.
    - Marketplace: It is possible to send more merchants than resources that are available. Fixed.
    - Exchange office: The error message for entering anything other then numbers got corrected.
    - Exchange office: Its not usable when an account is in deletion. We added a warning message here.
    - There could be a celebration held while the brewery is still in construction for lvl 1. Fixed.
    - Production overview: The supporting troops (from another account) crop consumption is shown in the part where the oases are listed. Fixed.
    - Residence / Village Sign: the number for the needed culture points showed different values in the residence and the tooltip on the village sign. Fixed.
    - Crop consumption: The calculation for the crop consumption had an error when the artefact for lower crop was active. Fixed.
    - Marketplace: The number of available merchants were wrong. Fixed.
    - Village: Changing the village while trying to settle causes the target-coordinates to be wrong. Fixed.
    - Oases: The 25% bonus had a calculation issue when having small values. Fixed.
    - Treasury: On a 10x speed server the treasury showed a wrong value for when the artefact gets activated. Fixed.
    - Rallye point: attacks on own oases were not shown in the rally point. Fixed.

    Gold/Shop bugfixes:
    - Shop: The visualization of the shop voucher was wrong. Fixed.
    - Gold: Using instant construction in 2 tabs causes the error message "Error on performing pre booking process". Fixed.
    - The shop button on the logout page has been changed to a button that leads to the travian facebook page.

    General stuff:
    - The "change resources" button was not always visible even if it should. Fixed.
    - InfoBox: The artefacts and construction plans have been shown with the same time. Fixed.
    - some code opimizations
    - "More games" have been actualized.
    - some corrections for TS for the setup of the gameworlds.
    - Natars: After a calculated time the natars stop upgrading the village wall. This shall player better enable to farm these villages.
    - Auto completion: The auto completion from the browser is reactivated.
    - IGM: Errors could be created by entering a not existing user as a recipient. Those could be done so many times that the game blocked itself. Fixed.
    - IGM: Preview button did not show the preview as intended. Fixed.
    - Map: The tooltip for the wilderness showed (0|0). Fixed.
    - Production Booster: After an update the active advancement for the booster got unchecked/deactivated. Fixed.
    - Registration: The red error messages in the registration window caused the layout to be broken. Fixed.

    - The buttons for profile, preferences etc were right aligned in RTL. Fixed.
    - The NPC button is always available, even if there are not enough resource to trade. It is now changed back to when you dont have enough resources it is grey.

    - fixed blocker: it is possible to cheat gold and resources with multiplied requests while finishing a quest
    - fixed blocker: Trading the resources using the NPC did not trade the resource correct. Fixed.
    - When using IE8, it was not possible to open any pop up window in the game. This also includes the issues with the map.
    - sometimes plus account and resource booster are not getting extended automatically. Fixed.
    - building: palace: you can use instant completion to finish palace construction. Fixed.

    - gold transfer: banned player (because of payment) was able to receive gold. Fixed.
    - sending a support message via the footer caused an error message. Fixed.
    - Entering the email a couple of time wrong in the resend-menu now causes a capture to be solved.
    - if the date of the gameworld was 1 day before or older, then the time was shown with a wrong value. fixed.
    - nothing could be clicked on the starting page. Fixed.
    - "password forgotten" function on login page did not accept a valid email adress. Fixed.
    - The support page that is linked from the main page is messed up. Fixed.
    - Some error fixed that in some cases caused that you couldn't use your gold transfer link.

    - Obsolete flags have been removed from the flag bar.
    - Some new localized Travian 4.2 screenshots have been added.
    - When trying to change your email adress via the Mainpage there would appear a capture. But it didnt, which made it impossible to change your emailadress here. Fixed.
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    Changelog August/September 2013

    - account settings: server time zone is always available now, even when it is not listed in the language files (spieler.php --> $text_sp['timezone_new']).
    - auction: changing gold to Silver works only once. then you have to reload the page. Fixed.
    - battle system: if defender had exactly 25% loss, then the attacker could randomly see or not see defending troops in the report. Fixed.
    - battle system: calculation of fake attacks improved.
    - building: if you have the exact amount of resources to build a building, you can't do so. The game 'thinks' you don’t have enough resources. Fixed.
    - building: palace: you can use instant completion to finish palace construction. Fixed.
    - building: palace: 'Error on pre booking process' is shown when trying to upgrade a palace. Fixed.
    - buy gold: if you don't have enough Gold to purchase a feature a window appears offering you to buy Gold (smallest package). The button in this window has no mouse over text. Fixed.
    - GUI: map: if you open map in full screen mode and then enlarge your browser window, then the map doesn't change it size. Fixed.
    - GUI: Opera: size of side bar boxes is wrong. Fixed.
    - GUI: reports: hitting space bar or return key on your keyboard can duplicate open dialogs. Fixed.
    - hero: item: stackable items: if you use '0' items, all of them are used. Fixed.
    - it's possible to have quotation marks (' or ") in village names, which causes that they can't be found e.g. in market place. Fixed.
    - log out page: old games are shown in 'more games' section. Fixed.
    - market: emptying your warehouse by sending all resources away doesn't work. Error message 'not enough resources' is shown. Fixed.
    - market: JS exception fixed by code clean up.
    - market: NPC trade: if you want change resources to e.g. 0 wood and hit the return key, then error message 'Error on performing pre booking process' is shown. Fixed.
    - market: trade routes: there is no cancel button shown when editing a trade route. Fixed.
    - master builder: you can create master builder orders for building level higher than the maximum level of that building. Fixed.
    - quest: data from old quest system removed.
    - quest: tutorial_15a (skipped tutorial): if you start building a rally point level 1 and then skip the tutorial, the rally point is finished instantly. Fixed.
    - reports: archive: button to move reports back to inbox says 'back' instead of 'recover'. Fixed.
    - some background stuff about database transaction handling fixed.

    Changes & New stuff:
    - new text: hero: if your hero is dead and you don't have enough crop to revive him and a negative crop production, then the text says 'You have negative crop and therefore will never reach the required resources.'. This changed now to 'You will never reach the required resources. Increase your crop production.'
    - new: auction: it is not possible anymore to sell your first horse
    - new: balancing: Natars: small villages: the chance that the capital of a deleted account becomes a Natars village is changed. (sorry, not permitted to say in what way)
    - new: balancing: oasis: when calculating if nature troops spawn in an oasis or not, besides other things the already existing troop consumption is used now instead of just the troop amount. So less animals should spawn now.
    - new: buy gold: smallest package is always a regular package (A-E), so no SMS and no PayByCall tariff.
    - new: market: trade routes: are sorted by start time now.
    - new: start positions: when creating an account the first village will not be directly next to an already existing village anymore

    NEW: new database system for ingame statistics
    In the past there were again and again huge problems with game statistics decreasing the game performance. In the future ingame statistics are not saved in same database as the game data anymore. With this change we split this two things which will improve the performance of statistics and the game and also get rid of some statistic bugs. There should be no visual effect for the players.
    - account population statistics are not saved in game database anymore
    - hero experience statistics are not saved in game database anymore
    - by this, hero stats should finally always work fine again

    - BB-codes: if you copy coordinates from the map and insert them in the coordinates BB-code, then it's always shown as 0|0. Fixed.
    - Trade routes: you can't create trade routes in IE8. Fixed.
    - NEW: Ignore list
    * In the Messages menu there is a new tab - Ignore List.
    * The ignore list of one user can have a maximum of 20 entries.
    * In the ignore list the user can un-ignore players.
    * A sitter cannot ignore/un-ignore players.
    * In the profile of a player the user can see a new link 'ignore player' next to 'send message'.
    * When a player X is ignored by the current user C, player X appears in the Ignore List of user C and also user C cannot get messages from player X (messages are not shown in user's message box).
    * If player X is ignored by current user C, the profile of player X doesn't show the button 'Send Message' for user C. instead there is a new link 'un-ignore player'.
    * When current user C un-ignores player X, then the 'Send Message' button and 'Ignore player' link are shown again.
    * Users cannot ignore players with uid <= 2 (users cannot ignore Multihunter, Admin, Support, Plus);
    * If a user reached the limit of ignored players (ignored 20 players), and goes to the profile of another player that is not ignored, then instead of the link 'Ignore player' the user sees the message 'Ignore list is full!'.
    - NEW: Spam button
    * When reading a recent IGM users can see a new link 'report as spam', except if the IGM is from Admin, Support, MH, Plus or the game (quest).
    * Reporting an answer IGM doesn't count.
    * Clicking that button will open a small popup where the user has to choose the reason why this is spam, an information text warns about abuse of this report feature. When sending this report, the reported player is set on the spammer list.
    * In case of misuse of this feature a user can lose the right to report spam.
    * Players can't see the spammer list and also don't know if they are on it.
    * If a player is reported for spamming too often, then his IGMs are not shown to other players except Multihunter and the players alliance.
    * During endgame (when building plans are available ingame) the feature is inactive.

    - Quest: World_15: quest does not finish. Fixed.
    - login page: request password feature does not work with googlemail/gmail adresses. Fixed.
    - sometimes plus account and resource booster are not getting extended automatically. Fixed.
    - amount of account population is wrong after you conquered your own village. Fixed.
    - chargeback IGMs of click&buy packages have wrong text. Fixed.
    - player ranking missing in player profile. Fixed.
    - amount of alliance members is wrong in alliance profile. Fixed.
    - natars show up in village statistics for villages taken over by natars. Fixed.
    - market: sent resources are not taken from your stock. Fixed.
    - registration doesn't work. Fixed.

    new: Statistics:
    - alliance population statistics moved to the new database
    - alliance offense statistics moved to the new database
    - alliance defense statistics moved to the new database
    - player offense statistics moved to the new database
    - player defense statistics moved to the new database
    - first village start positions moved to new database

    new: Loyalty
    - in palace/residence under 'Culture points' there is now a new overview showing how many villages you have, how many you can have, how many culture points you need for next village, how many culture points this village and your other villages produce and how many parties you are throwing
    - in palace/residence under 'Loyalty' there is a description what loyalty is for and an overview of the loyalty of your villages
    - loyalty production is corrected. In past loyalty increased about 1 minute per 3 hours too fast. Now it works correct and loyalty increases 2 * level of palace/residence within 3 hours to a maximum of 100. This maximum can still be increased by tablets of law.

    - The checkbox for the advancement of boni or plus was not disabled when a player ran out of gold. Fixed.
    - When you report an IGM of a player as spam, then the report link will disappear and the area is blank. Fixed.
    - Town hall: Duration of big celebration equals the small celebration. Fixed.
    - Master builder: If you use master builder to upgrade your ww and your artifact gets inactive, then the page is reloaded indefinitely and causes a request ban. Fixed.
    - Quests: some only internal visible stuff about Tutorial_1, Tutorial_12 and Battle_09 fixed.
    - Quests: it happens that the quest master does not work anymore and an "unknown error" message occurs. Fixed.
    - Quests: it takes too long until you get a reward after you click the button. Fixed.
    - Statistics: deleted alliances are still shown in statistics. Fixed.
    - Statistics: some players have the same rank and some have rank 0. Fixed.
    - Registration does not work, it says that the server is full. Fixed.
    - Statistics: Natars are in statistics. Fixed.
    - Statistics: There are gaps in ranking. Fixed.
    - Statistics: Villages appear twice with different ranks. Fixed.
    - Truce: Troops starve immediately after truce ends. Fixed.
    - new marketing pixel implemented.
    - some warnings fixed that poped up in error logging (about oases, map, login).
    - Statistics: defender stats: rank 21 empty after clearing cache. Fixed.
    - Account options: save button stays disabled while adding a sitter until you clicked somewhere else. Fixed.
    - Registration: It is possible to register with an email provider that is blacklisted by TS. Fixed.
    - Event system: Attacks are not calculated the correct order. Logging added.
    - Master builder: if you have 2 master builder orders for the same building and the last one is for the maximum level of the building, then as soon as the first one starts construction the last one just disappears. Fixed.
    - Notes: PHP notice is shown when you open the notes. Fixed.
    - Crons: Calculating Top10 takes too long (30 sec+). Fixed.

    known issues:
    - If you have 0 crop in a village then it is not possibly to send any other resources away from that village.

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    Changelog November/December 2013

    - Top10 climber statistic shows no number or didnt refresh correctly. Fixed.
    - Palace/Residence: loyalty: Oases are shown as white lines. Fixed.
    - Hero: Auction: Item: Tooltip: Mouseover text of items is wrong when account is in deletion. Fixed.
    - The drop rate of bandages while truce times (and after them) used to be very low due to its calculation logic. It now shouldnt get that low anymore.
    - "more games" on the logout page has been updated.
    - Cronsystem: Cron1 took longer than 1 minute. Fixed.
    - Marketplace: Its not possible to send merchants when the crop has the value 0/negative production. Fixed.
    - Translations: some missing translations have been added.
    - Payment: Sometime the payment window has been tgo small to show all data. Its resized.
    - Traderoute logging: Some wrong values were shown in the logging. Fixed.
    - Attacking a player that was in noob protection sometimes caused an error. Fixed.
    - Quest/Tutorial: Quests Battle_09 didnt trigger the finishing. Fixed.
    - Map: Villages spawned next to each other without 1 empy field. fixed.
    - Quest: Battle_12 & World_14 & World_15: quest is solved without fulfilling constraint. Fixed.

    - Logins: After a configurable amount of failed logins the players needs to solve a capture.
    - Natars: If the Natars take over a village from a player they rename it.

    Fixed stuff:
    - Payment: Voucher package shown wrong in some domains. Fixed.
    - Registration: Map: defect village if new registered player's village will be set on a recently settled village of another player. Fixed.
    - Statistics: Top10 defender of the week shows only 9 ranks. Fixed.
    - Statistics: Top10: Climbers of the week is not working properly. Fixed.
    - Master builder: you can have orders for building max level +1. They won't start though. Fixed.
    - Gold transfer: gold transfer code is not created for all players at game end. Fixed.
    - Gold transfer: gold transfer link goes to the old e-mail if player has changed it. Fixed.
    - Alliance forum: Confederacy forum does not work for confederated alliances . Fixed.
    - auction: cancel auction: end_time is not updated and so sorting is wrong. Fixed.
    - Alliance: reports: raid reports are not shown correctly, missing header
    - Reports: When you resend troops using the button "resend" the number of troops is not filled in. Fixed.
    - Reports: Miscellaneous: raid reports are also in this filter. Fixed.
    - Rally Point: Farm list: If you change the amount of troops the last report vanishes. Fixed.
    - Raids : Button "Access permissions" is gone. Fixed.
    - Messages: IGM : BB code for raid reports does not work. Fixed.
    - Map: village popup: Raids are not shown in report list. Fixed.
    - Alliance: confederated alliances are not able to read or post in confederacy forum. Fixed.

    New stuff:
    - added a game world configuration option to set time when server will start deleting not activated registrations after game start.
    - If you find troops in an adventure, they should return home separately from the hero, just like captured animals. Done.
    - Tournament server: data of all world wonders are sent to Tournament page now instead of the top 3 ones.
    - Reports: report title shows now if it is about a raid or an attack.

    Misc stuff:
    - Attacks are calculated in the wrong order. Logging extended.
    - trade route logging: improve usability. Done.

    known issues:
    - Reports: raid reports are shown in miscellaneous filter

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    Nov 2013


    January 2014 through April 7, 2014

    Fixed stuff:
    - Buying Gold: Banned Player: Appropriate information is missing when banned player tries to buy gold. Fixed.
    - Buying gold: Banned Player: System message after clicking the gold button contains an info button. Fixed. Info button was removed.
    - Buying gold: no scroll bar shown when browser window too small. Fixed.
    - AntiSpam: If spammer account is deleted, users can see its IGMs again. Fixed. When a spam account is deleted its IGMs get also deleted.
    - AntiSpam: Report spam IGM popup: Remove "i" (Answers) button from Report as Spam window. Done.
    - artefact of type 'bigger cranny' sometimes doesn't work correctly. Fixed. Problem occurred if you had 2 artefacts, the bigger cranny one inactive. Then you moved the active artefact within your account. So the bigger cranny artefact got active now without changing the cranny capacity.
    - Reports: Attack again is not working as it should. Fixed.
    - Messages: IGM : BB code for raid reports does not work properlyn anymore. Fixed.
    - Reports : Raids : Button "Access permissions" is gone in raid reports. Fixed.
    - Map: village popup: raids are not shown in report list anymore. Fixed.
    - Rally Point: Farm list: if you change the troops the last report vanishes. Fixed.
    - Reports: Miscellaneous: raid reports are also in this filter. Fixed.
    - Hero: Level: Experience: after level 100 hero's reanimation/ revival costs gets higher. Fixed.
    - Hero: Item: Doubleclick on item leads to message "invalid transaction". Fixed.
    - Village: Starvation: Units that are stationed in another village as support, can lead to a crop consumption bug in the supported village if the home village of that support gets conquered. Fixed.
    - Server End: Gold transfer link is not created for all players. Fixed.
    - Multilanguage gameworlds: Special language characters: Allow special chars for and from lt, lv and ee.
    - T4.2: Statistics: Alliances defender tab got wrong description title. Fixed.
    - Quest & Tutorial: attack oasis: Does not trigger if the oasis was raided before. Fixed.
    - Master builder: The page reloads all the time when a building cannot start due to different reasons. Fixed.
    - Natars: Artefact villages do not get deleted after the artefact has been conquered. Fixed.
    - Alliance: Confederacy forum: Its not possible to delete posts or threads from the other alliance. Fixed.
    - Alliance: Reports: If you change your active village while you are in the report view they then disappear. Fixed.
    - Alliance: Confederacies forum: In some cases the invited alliance can't reply on other forum threads. Fixed.
    - language variables shown in buildings. Fixed.
    - Master builder: infinte page reload when artifact is missing. Fixed.
    - Quest master: in case of a quest master error, a langguage variable is shown. Fixed.

    New stuff:
    - Farmlist: make village name of targets a link. Done.
    - reports: show original catapult target in reports. Done.
    - Multilingual worlds: Footer - links should point to the selected language. Done. Has to be set up by TechSupport (already done for LT5, LT6 and LT7, so it should work as soon as this release is installed there).
    - Multilingual worlds: The game world does not know where the players is coming from. From now on, on multilingual servers, if a player never chose his language in settings, the game will try to get his browser default language and if this language is available in game, the game will be shown in this language. Otherwise the game will use default language.

    Misc stuff:
    - prepare accounts for deletion. Implemented. Maybe that helps against the bug that causes that some accounts are not deleted as they should.
    - It was possible to create an account with a not existing email address by using the change email feature for not activated accounts. This doesn't work now anymore since you get a new/different activation code when you change the email address.
    - Due to a bug that several WW levels were build at one time the masterbuilder has been disabled for WW villages now
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