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  1. Hey, do you play on us1?
  2. Nothing.
  3. What did I tell you about drinking and flying?
  4. I crashed?
  5. Where ya been ech0? Some flying monkey you turned out to be.
  6. Can I go on your account to have a look around?
  7. Nah, s2 blows. Meant start a thread in p&d of 2 accusing roa and fear of hugging. Pretend you have an account.
  8. What do you mean by lounge? The thing Flossie started?

    And should I get a us2 account?
  9. Alright ech0, trw is a wash. Go to lounge 2 and accuse fear and roa of working together. Make things up to support what you are saying, it needs its own thread.
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