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  1. I'm hosting mafia, come join up
  2. Mafia
  3. Clinton've only committed a crime if they charge you. Hell, you're only a criminal if you're charged. His brain must jump through hoops...
  4. Hai.
  5. i'm sorry about using your kids, that went way too far. Gotta go to school though. Ttyl.
  6. That went out the window whe I realized you could not take a bit of joking after you making inappropriate comments about my son and daughter. If ever a line was crossed by one of us, it was you with that crap. I never got mad, I assumed it was ok for me to hit back with things. You have always been loud and proud, suddenly you had sand in your ***
  7. I still thought we were friends, the PM was just asking you to lay off a bit.
  8. Your profile is gay.
  9. Stahp being mean!
  10. Come out teh closet you heterosexual.
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