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  1. That's why I'm in favour of them merging all the English speaking domains.
  2. I havent played them in awhile, the numbers weren't great then either. But thats the story everywhere now
  3. While I can't say I've been to .uk, I have been on .au in the past.
    The numbers at the time several years ago are comparable to what they are here now.
  4. I've been known to hop on the UK server as well!
  5. Sounds as though you jump around even more than I do. Haha.
  6. Nope, skipped that one and played the com speed server. Was taking a long break when it started
  7. I would agree with that. I would consider doing quals again but not the final.
    Now you have me curious as to whether you were there for the last round. I know ArabChuckNorris was.
  8. A few times, quals are a good balance between normal servers and the finals. The actual finals server is brutal, not to mention the rampant cheating
  9. I also get the impression most that were initially gunning for s4 were put off by how soon the restart was announced. I believe it likely the s1 restart will be where it kicks off instead.

    I enjoyed the last quals but I cannot say the same for the final itself. Entirely different kettle of fish. Have you been on the quals / final before?
  10. Ah I read and forgot. Its not looking good for us4, I'm going to be off playing the quals and a lot of players seem to want to take a break
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