First of all, there is a guide to help you with writing out your ideas. It is located *here*, and it is highly recommended that you read it before posting your idea.

Next, there is the Not a New Idea Thread. These have generally been suggested repeatedly with little-to-no thought towards utility or game balance, and they have all been argued against by the community. As you read these ideas, try to think about whether your idea is likely to receive a warmer reception or not; if you do not think it will, then try to plan your idea out some more, keeping in mind that most players do not want to have any large changes to the status quo.

Also, because the topic has come up so often, there is a short guide listing the reasons why the Trapper is useful and does not need to be changed. It can be found *here*.

Finally, members are encouraged to make use of thread ratings and thread tagging. Thread ratings help to give a better sense of how the community feels about an idea; while discussion is still preferred, ratings are also helpful, and lets other members see how you feel about the idea. Thread tagging makes it easier to find similar ideas (although abuse of this feature will be punished).

Current list of tags I have been using to categorize ideas:

idea - alliance (Alliance info, diplomatic states, alliance chat, alliance forums, etc.)
idea - croppers (New cropper types)
idea - endgame (Endgame tweaks and overhauls)
idea - forum (Anything relating to the forums)
idea - heroes (Hero bonuses, hero information, hero revival, Hero's Mansion, etc.)
idea - map (Map changes, map info, player outlines, etc.)
idea - marketplace (Marketplace, merchants, and NPC merchant)
idea - messaging (Any changes to the in-game messaging system, or to the Plus notebook)
idea - oases (Anything relating to oases)
idea - plus (Gold packages, plus features, Village Overview changes, etc.)
idea - rally point (Rally Point changes, Combat Simulator changes, Send Troops changes, etc.)
idea - rankings (New rankings, changes to the rankings, and any ideas related to the statistics)
idea - server status (Ideas relating to displaying server age, downed servers, etc.)
idea - reports (Any changes to the in-game report system)
idea - server speeds (Suggestions for new server speeds or game lengths)
idea - sitters (Ideas focused on sitters)
idea - tribe rebalancing (Self-explanatory)

idea - miscellaneous (Anything that doesn't fit in the above categories)